Radio Shock Jock Hangs up on Sam Markle


Oh wait, what did he expect her to say? 🙄

He’ll be calling her back when this all goes South!

All press is good press, when they stop talking about you, watch out!

Adam Korsh says NO Truth to the British Tabloids!


JD, why am I creeped out that Tom M Snr is going out with a young woman with a 10 year old daughter. Doria looked like a child when they married and that bothered me but is it just me being overly sensitive or is it a pattern with this man. We know absolutely nothing about him but the industry he was in is littered with abused and abusers. Julie

Because it’s in a creepy part of Mexico, the guy likes to watch! Omg, that poor little girl.  Who’s the father? Is Markle, nudge, nudge, we ‘ve all thought about what happened to you know who.  It’s a scary thought, no child needs to be exposed to that much violence. Did you read about Roserita? Murder, drugs, pros. 

Thanks Julie 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹