I don’t think she’ll be seeing KP anytime soon. But I do think her shadow will be hitting the streets of London, which is enough to cause a story for the press. – STL

yep, agreed, she can’t help herself, her career is almost ruined, her lease is up. The chef is done paying for her place. MM needs to pack it up and take the long drive back to LA


I just came from the bar & logged on to see this dumpster fire. Although I first made the “I’m just here for the comments” response to you, I don’t have a DM account to post on. But I think it’s creepy this person used my own phrase! -STL

Wow! it’s weird, so strange, this person only has comments in the past week, nothing for the year. We are being trolled.

They made that comment before aries dropped the bomb about the PR screw up.

Hope you had a great time

I don’t think that person is her PR. The comments that account, made all have been anti MM. We see how they questioned her educational background. Long before people exposed the fake positive accounts. They seem to be on your side D. Looks like they have a grudge against MM.

Maybe, it really sounds like her old PR team and than she writes wait till the US weekly comes out. The first one was against MM, cause they have her whole background. I’m cool with it, I wish she would chat with us. 

thanks anon, keep you posted

This is me before We103 chimed in

Aries- The damage is done, why on earth would a PR team try to take on a Monarchy? Under estimated is putting it mild. This is break up news you are giving us, it won’t be forgiven. She could have said, NO don’t do that

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I hit a nerve, do you guys think it’s because I said break up news?