It is really hard for many people to hold on to the BRF is in control now. People please believe. Everyone refers to Diana and Sarah as mistakes. They were not mistakes. Both ladies were part of the BRF crowd from their young years. Both amazing women in their own right. Mistakes were made but that is life. I adore Sarah and have much respect for her as a mother and BEF supporter. Diana and Charles bought up the boys well and we need to trust the BRF to handle this. Remember Never give up…,




Thank you so much anon! I agree with this post. People are trying to tear down the Royal family, please stop! They are wrong.  Don’t believe no matter how many pie charts they have or receipts. 

It comes down to the human condition. These are people, not actors, they have feelings.  BRF serves the people with goodness and kindness. 

The royal confessions sound like MM didn’t get her way and attacking BRF. 

Let’s never give up! #freeprinceharry 

this one keeps me going 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼


the photo of pr.henry holding that little boy, popsugar magazine is trying to pull it off the internet, i had it posted on pinterest,they sent copyright violation notice to pinterest getting the pic removed from the net,somebody somewhere has a problem with this photo,

That’s bullshit, it was taken by the mother of the little boy in the hospital, the Daily Mail posted this. They should go pound sand.

Harry made a surprise visit to that little boy from Well Child, it brought me to tears watching that, he is an incredible human being to able to touch kids like that. 

Harry is worth fighting for, and so is the BRF. 💜💜💜💜💜💜


Hello Felix, The BRF should think of the Monarchy and not PH. PH know what he is doing. He has made his decision. RF should stop trying to protect PH. It seems the RF as two choices, accept MM or kick PH out and have him renounce his royal title. Something PH won’t do and will probably use the race card against his family. I have a terrible, terrible feeling the BRF is going to accept MM. If the RF or the media had any hard evidence against MM it would have been released by now. Sad, sad, sad.



They have a plan anon. Nothing is certain here. As you see HM hasn’t approved and that’s why there is no wedding date, So lets see what will happen. They might throw harry out or they may have already ended it and the will announce it after Christmas. So lets wait and see where this is heading.

thanks anon😊👍 

They might throw Harry out…but they didn’t end it..or you meant they should?  Hell yeah..they should…

Horsefeathers, anon, Harry is supported by his family, they are human as well have feelings and love. MM will go first. Coercion is being used, and we aren’t buying it. Every time she messes things up she hits the blogs and tries to blame shit on BRF, don’t even try to use the race card it won’t work! 

Glue head

70 reasons to love Camilla



People always ask me why I love Camilla so much.

Well, here are 70 reasons why:

  1. She’s an inspiration
  2. She raises awareness for victims of rape/ sexual abuse/ domestic violence
  3. She was the one who had the idea to give washing bags to victims of rape/ sexual abuse
  4.  She’s an adorable cupcake
  5. She proved all her critics wrong
  6. Her work for the NoS is tireless
  7. She promotes literacy
  8. She’s an invaluable asset to the royal family
  9. She’s hard-working
  10. She loves books more than I do
  11. She sticks to her word
  12. Her speeches are amazing
  13. She’s humble
  14. When I told her I was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 and my world was upside-down she was the one telling me that I could do anything despite my illness
  15. Her chuckle is the cutest thing on earth
  16. She made me believe in love
  17. She’s brilliant with veterans
  18. She’s got style and grace
  19. Her legs are beyond perfect
  20. She engages with people
  21. She stood against an entire nation for Charles
  22. She has the ability to make people feel good about themselves
  23. She makes no secret about wearing Spanx every once in a while
  24. She always has something intelligent to say
  25. She has never ever set a foot wrong since she married Charles 
  26. She’s the most amazing Mummy ever (I have no doubt in that!)
  27. She adopted two dogs from Battersea
  28. She had the idea for the Big Jubilee Lunch

  29. She’s taught me a thing or two about confidence
  30. Also about life
  31. She has that certain twinkle in her eyes
  32. She once sent me the DVD of her wedding
  33. She always tells the cutest stories
  34. Her grandchildren call her Gaga- that’s all we need to know
  35. When I told her my grandfather was ill and that I hoped he’d make it till his birthday she wrote she was keeping himin her prayers
  36. She replies to every letter
  37. She smiles with her eyes as much as with her mouth
  38. She sticks to what she likes- not her bad if people don’t like it
  39. She reads my tumblr (and I’ve got the letters to prove it 😉 )
  40. She has the most amazing voice ever
  41. She’s the real Dancing Queen
  42. She’s incredibly witty 
  43. She’s always there to try on hats
  44. Or to eat all sorts of things
  45. She’s more charme and esprit than most people ever will have
  46. She’s still very much “Milla”
  47. She cares about people
  48. And animals
  49. She’s never lost her good spirits
  50. She sees the funny side of life
  51. She was my first “love at first sight”
  52. She’s, at heart, a down-to-earth country girl
  53. She has the ability to make people smile when they have a bad day
  54. The way she looks at Charles will always kill me
  55. In a way, she’s one of us
  56. She watches Downton Abbey
  57. If she could be any fictional character, she’d like to be Winnie the Pooh because she’d love to have her fingers stuck in honey
  58. She’s a Harry Potter fan
  59. She’s magical- eventhough she couldn’t pass platform 9 ¾
  60. She totally slays in big tiaras
  61. She has a heart of gold
  62. I’m sure Tom Jones wrote “She’s a lady” just for her
  63. She’s very strong, but she also allows herself to cry
  64. Sometimes she has a bit of lipstick on her teeth and it’s damn adorable
  65. To see her with animals and children melts even the coldest heart
  66. She has the je ne sais quoi  
  67. She exudes self-confidence and warmth at the same time
  68. She still gets prettier day by day
  69. She once sent Arthur Edwards flowers when he was in hospital
  70. She has always stayed true to herself

Happy birthday, Camilla! You’re amazing!

Every one of these could be #1! She’s so amazing! Happy Birthday Camilla, Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall!

Happy Birthday, Camilla! 

Pearl of the Caribbean: Speculation on Charles’ Possible Involvement

Hey JD. We discussed a little while ago about the royals/friends involvement in the Pearl of the Carib.. I don’t think we completely talked about Charles possible involvement. We talked about his somewhat shady business dealings with the Duchy. I had a theory about this Pearl thing. I actually do think he is involved. But I think it is sort of a Win/Win situation for him with the pearl. I initially assumed Charles was to smart to take up any deals with Andrew. But again they are cut from the same cloth. No doubt both greedy and entitled. But Charles might be a little bit smarter about his dealings. His shadiness, while still very similar to Andrew, is hidden better. (remember they were both bff’s w/ a pedophile saville/epstein).  And Charles seems to learn from his mistakes and he’s learned how to not get caught. That is something Andrew isn’t capable of. Anyway, the point is I do believe Charles is involved because there is a shitload of money to be made. And it is through real estate, his specialty.  He must be. But I think Charles would have been smart enough to make it seem like he had no part in it. You know what I mean? There might not be any direct ties to him. No concrete connections on paper. And if was thinking about the future possibly Harry and possibly William. Yes H visited the place, but maybe that is all. If the whole thing succeeds he stands to profit. A win. If the whole thing fails and becomes a scandal with or without criminal allegations, then that is also win. Yes it would greatly embarrass the family, but they’ve dealt with that before. It might also kill 2 birds w/ one stone. Permanently disgrace Andrew publicly, and remove him and his children from the line. I just assume that Charles would have dotted his T’s and crossed his I’s.

(this might be a reach, but maybe this is in fact Charles’ way of getting rid of Andrew. w/o a scandal he won’t be able to slim down the monarchy as planned cuz his mum wont allow it. Andy’ is her fave. He would basically be giving A. enough rope to hang himself)

Thoughts??? Anons that have something to add would be greatly appreciated!!!

This is a good conversation, that’s why I’m asking who inherits the horses? Did you know they got that land on the cheap, it was shot down by previous administration, also it’s a jump off point to the US. I thought Andrew and Charles don’t get on very well, maybe the Yorks set harry up with meghan, disgrace harry and now we have Will doing the dad dance in verbier, the yorks own a house there. If you start snooping around, it’s comes back the Yorks all the time.