If he ever makes it to the neighborhood, they’ll probably offer him vodka so cheap it tastes like french fries.

Ewwww, omg, I’m laughing so hard, taste like fried chicken and french fries, with hot sauce. 

I like fried chicken and french fries, hold the hot sauce


Trailer park? What did I miss?

Just a saying, like nice place to visit but you don’t want to live there, meeting the parents. Noway, security going to mom’s house, the cops need security.

You are so cute, What did I miss?

I’m working on something, I believe she has been her own mole online, her comments start when all hell broke loose, this person, if it’s her trashes Kate, self importance, education, charity, beauty over and over all across Daily Mails Meghan Markle comment sections, no where else, just her articles, could be a minions 

Her dad is Jew, but she was raised a christian. To marry Trevor she became a Jew. And IF marriage was a topic, she would need to convert to CoE. Bed jumper, religion jumper!

okay and fair statement, mom’s christian, being jewish she may have thought would open doors in the industry. My town in NJ, is pretty much jewish, she looks likes like a JAP, the girls are proud to be a JAP and a yenta. I agree with your last sentence, bite in the ass now

Chef’s Hot Special

In the past she’s given horrible interviews. She came across as a flake. She ended up with bad PR and then a pal told her to rebuild her image she should do work with the poor and needy and coyly meet a Prince.

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More Comments

When you’be been single over 2 years and the last 2 girlfriends dumped you… well for anyone’s guessing Prince Harry is not his best self in terms of judging what he’s letting himself into… He looks a bit heavier, scruffy and desperate to find a woman instead of a right women… He seems to me he lost his confidence too. I hope he gives at least 2 years to get to know her and wouldn’t let her rush him. Those quotes she posted is to encourage him to fight for a change…

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Another comment from DM

Actually, I don’t have a problem with William – he is a reluctant prince and he doesn’t try to hide it. He is petulant and remote – what you see is what you get. Prince Harry on the other hand, is all smoke and mirror. His good image is totally PR generated – he does not do what he says. People have been duped by his charm and fake modesty long enough – I hope everyone takes off their rose-tinted glasses and see him as he really is, that of an international playboy, jobless lazy layabout and great pretender.

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From a com mentor on DM

Yawning. Oh Harry, call to her (yes, because neither on the same continent you are) and tell her that you abandoned everything and finally can live a quiet, simple life and away from the Press somewhere remote and without photographers and fame. Living only charity and love. After that, come to the Site and tell us what her reaction was. Wake up silly boy!

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