To add, he wasn’t a chef he was just a line cook. He was never actually in charge of a kitchen, just a worker.

Well another words, he’s a cook, like you and me. Mere mortal


Sorry it took me so long. So I was right, you also agree that something is missing. Alert: Vitiello agreed to talk. Shit WILL hit the ventilator. Fame hungry, user and social climber.

Hell yeah! She’s a chocolate covered pickle, sweet on the outside till you take a bite.

OMG, wow, knew it was a matter of time when the real players started coming out.

You deserve better Harry, this girl will drag your good name down, it’s started already. 

Maybe I got it wrong. Are you on Sparkle’s side?

Everybody has  thoughts regarding how she conducts herself, she is not naive, Ms. Sparkle should behave accordingly. Prince Harry just laid his reputation on the line and she out buying groceries, without security, feeding the frenzy and than apparently bitching about to Prince Harry.

Ms. Sparkle has many websites she needs to take care, she started these and loved all the positive, now negative, it’s like karma stepped in and determined she is just to vain or it’s a great way to snag her Prince because he is such a stand up guy, damsel in distress.

I don’t hate anybody, I dislike her very much.