Harry will always protect her? The shit that the tabloids have written about her in the past few months, haven’t made him say one damn word. Harry will stay with her? He hasn’t stayed with her for at least 2 months and he avoids going to toronto or even take her out on a date when she showed up in ldn 2 weeks ago. That minion needs to let it go now. Her mind is stuck in november- early December 2016. You gotta live in the now.

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They barely know each other personally. Every time when she visited him 2 might 3 times), paps appeared coincidentally on the scene, those pics have been later published on DM. He didn’ t appear there being so “drunk” not knowing what he was doing when the paps popped up. I’m certanly sure, if she would have such kind of “proof” in her hand, she already would have used it for her purpose. This affair ended without “secret engagement”and other “fairy-tale stories” in dec. 2016 ;)

That’s right! NYC nailed it December it was over, she became a stalker after wards, she hired the paps we have receipts we have collectively gathered with the help of anons sending in links of agency/merchandisers thanking her. 

It’s not the first time we heard that accusation of a promise in a sexual moment. I like everyone to know that doesn’t hold water. Most likely heard from her fan club.

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sorry JD there are a lot of posts to scroll through! But of course NBC is trying to counter the break up news, it will probably occur just as Suits is going back on. But a pullout? Like a H&M sale advert. How pitiful. Bet Harry and Will are pissed that her pr onslaught shadows their release about Diana’s documentary. No matter – she will be gone soon. 15th is my pick. LOL

oh yeah, I bet they are pissed, got your bet down, sorry about freaking on you, we’ve got trolls, exterminator hasn’t arrived yet, lol 

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In reality it was my stupid mistake. I was hanging out with wrong people. it was what it was. I don’t know if sober Harry ever wanted to see Maghan as his GF? I guess not. She was seeking acknowledgment. She got it in some point. But you cannot force for more if its not there. (Part 2)

It’s a start, learning to forgive yourself is very important then you can forgive the ones you think have wronged you. Being a child and losing someone or been abused are very difficult to recover from, I know with taking in abused foster kids. Suffering is massive and you act out, self-medicate with drugs and alcohol think you’re having a good time but ugly always shows up at the end. yes, she looked different sober, didn’t fit in not what you thought.

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