Hollywood Harry the hypocrite

Revealed: Prince Harry ‘stayed on a gas-guzzling super-yacht for Google’s green summit’ – as Expedia billionaire Barry Diller reveals the royal spoke about saving the planet by taking fewer selfies at ‘trampled’ holiday destinations

Good ole Harry! The PR myth, it’s so sad the guy everyone used to love turned out like his uncle Randy, SMH.

There you go Harry, are you guilty?

We are eating cold salads and drinking hot tea, served by the butler, Victor. And we are hopscotching topics, from Silicon Valley taking over Hollywood to Jared & Ivanka & Josh & Karlie to pornography to his company’s dating websites to the time Harvey Weinstein tried to throw Mr. Diller off a balcony in Cannes to how his friend Hillary Clinton is faring to the mogul’s dismissal of Donald Trump (whose Secret Service code name is Mogul) as “a joke” and “evil.”


Has the media gone overboard in criticizing Mr. Trump?

“Are you kidding?” he replies.

He corrects me when I call the tech titans our overlords. “Our overlords are not them,” he says. “Our overlords are artificial intelligence.”

He says he has gone to a couple of Broadway shows recently with Hillary Clinton and that “she’s well with herself again and she has a role to play.”


Interesting, read the entire article from the  New York Times.  Diller is political, prominent democrat and considers Geffen family.  It’s incredible how these Hollywood types cover for certain people.


Harry is certainly showing his true colors that will no doubt make the British Press go crazy, and I don’t blame them.


Maybe Harry should go audition and end up on the casting couch like his wife used to do for Harvey, Ratner, and Mnuchin. Oh wait, Mnuchin paid, the other two were freebies, per CDAN.


Thank you anon, God Bless America and Great Britain! 🌸😎😉



Anon submits Daily Mail Google camp for hypocrites – Prince Harry

Hotel guests staying at ancient Italian city where Google hosted its star-studded bash attended by Prince Harry warned ‘not to look out of their windows’ by police to stop them taking photos


What? What a bunch of pretentious  🤬👿 Unbelievable!

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Prince Harry ‘flew on a private jet AND helicopter paid for by Google’ to get to tech giant’s ‘hypocritical’ Sicily climate change camp (and the prince would need to plant 190 trees just to offset one leg of the trip)

It keeps getting worse! OUCH! Where did our Harry go?

Hollywood Harry has joined the celeb club of it’s all about ME!

Guest lists are confidential, and attendees are banned from posting on social media. They attend morning sessions about online privacy, politics, human rights, and climate change. Afternoons are free for golf, spa treatments, and relaxation. 

As Kitty would put Bollocks! 🐱‍👓🐱‍👓🐱‍👓

Ms. Tulsi Gabbard  (Dem), a presidential candidate, has sued Google for not posting her paid ads. The US Senate is looking into splitting the tech giant up for monopolizing the internet. They have been accused of blocking Republican speech from the internet along with FaceBook, Twitter and youtube something Senator Nunes is looking into because it happened to him!


It appears the Brits have had enough of the Sussex’s nonsense! Privacy?? Really! Harry Markle as you pose for your close up moment!


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DM- Prince Harry is on the guest list with the other hypocrites

Prince Harry ‘is on guest list’ along with Barack Obama and Leo DiCaprio for Google’s Italy climate change conference packed with A-listers arriving on megayachts and 114 private jets

Buy my album, see my movies, who gives a flying fig about the environment!  That’s your job racists!

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got dropped off by David Geffen mega yacht the rising sun!  Did they have a bunch of cute little children on the yacht?

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Page Six – Prince Harry, Leo and Obama take private jets- Mega Yachts to climate change


snowflakes 😝😝😝😝 the woke people, but you can’t be like them because you’re RACIST!!  You like Trump

Harry , Unconscious Bias, and Learned Behaviours .

Yet another one I couldn’t resist JD. These two are a gift and becoming masters at

Bullshit Baffles Brains!

This is a training video on Unconcious Bias from the Royal Society

Learned Behaviour

Social Learning Theory (Bandura)

This very controversial short film of a young Elizabeth and her mother , sister , and Uncle .

The family including the future Edward VIII seem to be making a Nazi salute .
Edward was later to meet Adolph Hitler and was accused of being a Nazi sympathizer

Prince Phillip and his “gaffes”.

Prince Charles .
Are these examples of Unconscious Bias or Learned Behaviours . Or both ?
I wouldn’t know .
Maybe we should ask Harry .
Yet again the arrogant and foolish Harry has stepped into a minefield, he obviously feels it his mission to educate the masses ( the little people ) with his vast knowledge and expertise on well , everything and save them from themselves .

A contempory View on The Emperor’s New Clothes .


A Cautionary Tale Harry .
Unlike the Emperor in the story we do see you , you are naked and should be ashamed .

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Another great time investigating links with the kitty!  I love your thought process, the title was the best.


You are a product of your environment, you are what you are taught. If we use the evidence you provided we can easily say he learned it from his family.


In the beginning, Harry’s friends would pop by to tumblr and tell me how awful Meghan was, pretentious, overbearing, attention seeker. Look at my plastic beaded bracelet Harry got me. MM is one of those people that always talk about how great they are, how educated she is while making the aristo want to vomit. One thing that stuck in my mind is she often called him a racist.

Makes perfect sense now with the drivel coming out both their mouths. It takes two to tango and there is plenty of blame to go around.  Choices were made and now they have to deal with it, however blind they both are.

Thank you, Kitty! 🌸😎💋🐱‍👓🍾


Prince Harry should have been with Royal Marines he is patron, he blew them off! Shame on you!

We discussed this privately yesterday and we are disgusted with Harry! Our Troops mean the world to us. Semper Fi, always faithful, I guess not with Harry.

Embed from Getty Images

He chose celebrity over Royal obligations!

Rumors are swirling that the fab four foundation is missing money??

Did MM cash those checks from the Aus tour??  Enty, the entertainment lawyer, follow him


DM~ Prince Harry looks dapper as he visits Africa programme

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

LONDON COLNEY, ENGLAND – JUNE 17: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex smiles as he attends the Chatham House Africa Programme event on “Mine, Clearance, Conservation and Economic Development in Angola” at Chatham House on June 17, 2019 in London Colney, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Embed from Getty Images

CAHORA BASSA, MOZAMBIQUE – JUNE 21: In this handout image provided by The HALO Trust, Prince Harry is seen with a deminer from The HALO Trust, a British charity dedicated to removal of landmines, on June 21, 2010 in Cahora Bassa, Mozambique. Prince Harry is following in his late mother’s footsteps, Princess Diana, who visited the same charity in Angola eight months before her death. Prince Harry spent two days with the charity learning the first stages of landmine clearance and detonated mines himself under supervision from deminers. (Handout Photo by The HALO Trust/Getty Images)

Embed from Getty Images

ANGOLA – JANUARY, 1997: Diana, Princess of Wales, wears body armour during a visit to a landmine on January, 1997 in Angola. (Photo by Anwar Hussein Collection/Getty Images)

Harpers~ Prince Harry Couldn’t Stop Smiling

This is so true, Harry is happier when he does solo work, he shines!  Good on him!  I just wonder what happened to those pictures of the little doll Archie? I mean they will eventually show up?  right?