I’m rubbing it in ~ Come to Florida Quick

THANKSGIVING ARCTIC BLAST❄️🦃…but not here in Florida! Highs in the lower 80s locally while the northeast tries to defrost from potential record cold air. #swfl pic.twitter.com/SiBr0gNoBP — Matt Devitt (@MattDevittWINK) November 19, 2018 Advertisements

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The Oceania Tour

I have been reading that the Australian tour was a great success and brought in millions of dollars. Do you think this is true or just more of MM’s bullshit P.R.? It is being described as “tourism gold.” Any Royal tour will help economies, did Harry & Meg’s tour helped them now? No, it’s investment in the country’s future. These countries had to pay the bill for their travel, entourage and stay. I’ll give you my opinion as a Hospitality/travel expert. In my opinion, the big winner is New Zealand as a travel destination. It showed a beautiful place to go for the ecotourism boom happening now. This is followed by Sydney, Austrailia as a fabulous metropolitan area to visit and have fun. Followed by …

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earthstory: Original caption: A hiking trip to the true spirit of the mountain world in a less travelled area of Northern Norway: Welcome to Senja. The weather in Norway can always change quickly, especially in the mountains. Sometimes you just have 5 minutes of light, then rain showers and clouds are passing like trains and suddenly the sun comes out and shows us beautiful rainbows and incredible colours up in the sky. It was quite painful to get up for sunrise at 2 am in the morning after just two hours of sleep in a tent and then hike to the summit. It’s the ultimate challenge for every landscape photographer: You should give it a try – even if chances …

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