Fake News~ Football hooligans

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Hey JD I noticed this video today and thought I should send this to you. The video is fake. The people involved were football hooligans in Switzerland. Thus happened in 2018. The video has been circulating since then on social media and alt news sites, it been used by some seriously right-wing organizations as a propaganda tool. Thought you would want to know. Kitty ♥️


Thank you, I do trust you, but your link is a redirect. I only want truths. It’s still terrible behavior to go after a vehicle with a machete, call me crazy.


Kitty, I’ve seen so many horrid acts committed in the EU and people seem defenseless to stop or worse yet speak out against this violence.



Football hooligans or not they scared the living daylights out of the driver, that was attempted murder in my eyes. If you find the right link let me know.

It says what you claim, it’s hard to tell, I will continue to search for a piece of real news explaining this.


Thank you, Kitty, 🌸😎

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Katie Hopkins, love her or hate her, she is an amazingly brave reporter available to put her life on the line to inform the world of the goings on with the great invasion of Europe while sending a warning to the US this is what’s coming for you.  I have the utmost respect for her. She is snarky, smart and I love her. Don’t forget to follow her on twitter, facebook.