Fox News – California bar shooter named- former military Ian Long

Authorities believe Ian David Long eventually turned the gun on himself, but not before the 28-year-old, dressed in all black, terrorized a crowd filled with college students at Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Long’s body was found in an office near the entrance of the bar.


It was said that there were several run-ins with Long and one included battery at a different bar. He may have had post-traumatic stress disorder.   The case is still ongoing.

We pray for all those victims snuffed out by this alledged mental ill criminal. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


Philadelphia shooting- Temple university- its the worst part of philly!

Why is Fox News being excluded by Google in the top searches? That’s BS


I’ve talked about North Philly, Temple area before. It’s a place where you lock your car doors, windows up.  It’s been a disaster area for decades.


It’s been run by Democrats for decades. University students have been beaten, raped. Drugs have been out of control for years.


Compared to Baltimore, North Philly tops them for crime IMO.  You don’t want to make a wrong turn when visiting Philly.  This is a place where good-intentioned people will be harmed, that’s sad! Black on black crime, they need help badly.

Coincidences? I think not~ Antifa?? Terrorism ??

Trump supporters aren’t violent, and I suspect this guy is fake Trump fan.


We had El Paso who claimed to be a Trump supporter against immigration that happens to take a 680-mile drive stop at a random Walmart and shoot people.

A man being interviewed mention this is Pittsburgh all over again when speaking to fox reporters about the California nightclub shooting last night.

Okay, here we go, the girl met Connor after a college course.  Antifa is invading our campuses.

In our Social Psychology class, we regularly got off-topic to talk about serial killers, Ted Bundy was a hot topic given all of the media attention he was getting.”


Get ready to dive into MK Ultra which I thought, nah they wouldn’t do those things anymore!

I’m sure techniques have been refined since the program started.  The who would they experiment on would be the mental health patient.  Yes, I know we are diving into some conspiracy theories to explain the pattern of these shooters.


Patrick Wood Crusius was arrested shortly after the shooting started, and was charged with capital murder.[4][7][28] A 21-year-old white male, he was last known to have lived in his family’s home in Allen, Texas,[22][26][29] around 650 miles (1,050 km) from El Paso.[30] He graduated in 2017 from Plano Senior High School and was enrolled in Collin College from 2017 until spring 2019.[30]

According to Bellingcat, the suspect’s Twitter account portrayed a “relatively normal Trump-supporting Republican” up to April 2017, when the account stopped posting.[31][32] The police confirmed that the shooter bought the gun used in the attack legally, but provided no details about the purchase.[33] Two law enforcement officers told ABC News that after the suspect was taken into custody, he told investigators that he wanted to shoot as many Mexicans as possible.[34]


He stopped posting in 2017 well that’s a huge cooling off period.  It’s got to be college or game system to communicate with others.

Do you believe this, I had to go to Japan today!  We know he hadn’t posted anything in years. Then all of sudden he posts his manifesto?  look at him he is a zombie!  Mom a nurse and dad a licensed therapist!  Patrick seemed a loner and I would check his PlayStation X box for online activity with others.  It takes an incredible amount of discipline to kill people, being dedicated isn’t what I see here.  I feel a depressed person with no goals.  Texas has millions of Mexican Americans.


What remains a mystery is why Crusius chose El Paso, which has figured prominently in the immigration debate, and a shopping complex just five miles from the U.S.-Mexico border. The scene was a 10-hour drive and a world away from the life he lived growing up in a leafy, upper-middle-class suburb of Dallas.


It won’t open an excerpt for me but since I found it might else well check it out.


A high school student has been arrested and faces charges of planning to carry out an ISIS-inspired mass shooting at a local mall this month and was looking for assistance, authorities said Wednesday.

Matin Azizi-Yarand, 17, faces charges of making a terroristic threat and criminal solicitation of capital murder, the Collin County district attorney’s office said.

The target was to be the Stonebriar Centre Mall in Frisco, according to his arrest affidavit.

I’m posting this because I ran into it as I was researching  Patrick, I don’t know if there are any correlations but loners tend to flock to terrorism.


Now we have California, I await additional information so we can add to this report.  Let’s wait for the dust to clear and the big mouths to shut up. I forgot the garlic festival.

If you have any theories out there I would love to hear them!

Connections: Male

Ages 20s



Night clubs




Automatic weapons


Social media



Populist areas


Fox News – California bar shooting leave 12 dead

You can call me crazy, but we haven’t seen the end to this trend yet, IMO they are all connected. I know I shouldn’t look to the democrat party on this, but with the overwhelming Antifa attacks, I believe this is a political statement happening across the land.


Why? The Dems screwed up, and they have zero chance to win the presidency with the socialist narrative — striking fear in the citizens to control the sheeple to take away your right to bear arms.


We are watching the disarming of America one mass shooting after another.


The political correctness dictates that we not talk about this and focus on the victims and families, which we will.  Please, do notice that they were from Christian Unversity.  That hits home to 2nd amendment right believers.


Still, the illegal gun trade continues as black on black crimes continues to escalate.  The mainstream media and politicians do nothing to help these communities.

CBS Chicago-7 killed, 46 wounded in weekend shootings: It’s destroying the fiber of our communities

This violence received no attention national and got Ivanka in trouble, why? Illegal gun violence is an ongoing occurrence in POC  inner cities daily. People are dying, and their lives matter!


Let me show you what CBS did, they posted the above article and also were hypercritical to Ivanka below.

Regardless of details, this is an ongoing occurrence in inner cities, which is one too many!  There is a video attached to this, and you can hear the automatic weapons firing and people cleaning up shell casings the next day.

Someone tell me, isn’t this something to be concerned?


When is the mainstream media going to make gun violence front and center for our inner cities? I dare you! Below a screenshot from CBS Chicago website.

Illegal Guns! Every weekend is a war zone in Chi-town.

“In Chicago, 1,517 people have been shot this year. That is 129 fewer than in 2018.”

Data through Saturday, July 27

These are people of color, when is MSM going to go there and question the US Rep for that district! Hold on I’ll check who it is.

Maybe it’s time for a change in Chicago.


Ivanka Trump is doing a fantastic job for our country.

She has helped create opportunity zones, talk with Governors, creating adult vocational programs to fill the need for skilled labor, that by the way are high paying jobs!

Ever meet a poor plumber?  Don’t go to McDonald’s, and vocational programs are your way out of poverty!


Going to College isn’t for everyone, and loans to be paid back may take a lifetime.


Some people are worth defending, and Ivanka is one on my list. Put her on your list too.

The critics like the mayor of Chicago should hang her head in shame over her shoot em up city. Protect the innocent people of Chicago!

Trump condemned white supremacy. Will Elizabeth Warren condemn Antifa?

Trump did the right thing. He condemned white supremacy. Will Democrats condemn Antifa? It’s very easy to blame Trump for the El Paso and Dayton tragedy.


CNN and MSNBC are happy to talk about the white supremacy, but they are desperately trying to stay away from admitting the fact that Betts regularly posted far-left politics on his Twitter account.


He was planning to vote for Elizabeth Warren. He supported socialist and Antifa. It’s all in his tweets. Everyone can read them. Republicans must avoid a blame game. Democrats and their friends in the media choose a losing strategy. Now they need to come forward and condemn Antifa.


Wow, they will dive into his background; the thing is not to make this person into a hero. We can’t blame anyone although we all saw this coming with the left progressives spouting hatred.


This boy talked about meth to get shit done, and I bet he was high when he decided to murder innocent people.


Thank God our police didn’t stop to ask what party do you like? They did their job to save lives. They brought honor to the city. They must be hurting; also, it’s challenging to decide to kill someone, I know I’m saying prayers for them too.


Qanon dropped that George Soros was paying Antifa out of his own pocket, allegedly.  I pray this isn’t true.


Thank you anon, keep them coming, let’s have the conversation, God bless America and the people affected by this murderous tragedy.

Would it be fair to blame Elizabeth Warren?

CNN and MSNBC cannot deny it. They cannot hide it away. It’s all over the news. Democratic presidential candidates were swift to put the blame for the El Paso tragedy on Trump, but they still keep quiet after the fact that the Dayton guy was a Warren voter. I am waiting for Democrats to acknowledge, and put the blame on her as much as they put the blame on Trump.


Actually, NO, Elizabeth Warren IMO a fruit loop but she didn’t tell people to go out, and riot like AOC did.  However, the entire democrat party may be to blame with the anarchist attitude and anti-police speech.  This can be attributed to all the lies being told by mainstream media as well. There is a lot of blame to go around.


Republican supporters stand and take the abuse from the fascist left, turning the other cheek. They become a bigger person.


The narrative that Hillary is running is one of hatred. It is Hillary, don’t think otherwise she has already tweeted about gun control when she should be upset that people died this weekend.  Look for MSM to start quacking that narrative. 


Our president was visibly upset along with Mike Pence, it was killing him to give the speech that had to be done, that’s how much he loves this country. 


Trump fights for US, cries with US, stands for US, he is one of US.

He never had to do this, God bless him for becoming the President on behalf of US.


We the people cry together at the great loss of life. Peace be with you all. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💋💋


One thing one should do is wait until all the evidence is in before opening one’s big fat mouth.  Example, you found this article saying he was a Warren supporter.  The progressive left pounced losers. 


The unconscious bias works both ways that is something those twits forgot, being exclusionary will come back and bite you in the ass,


Thank you anon for your ask. 🌸😎 if you see more bring them in. 😉💋