Meghan Markle Made Her Mark

Prince Harry is ‘easily influenced’ by ‘determined’ Meghan Markle, royal author claims


“I don’t think she wants to be constrained by the royal demands and the royal way of doing things.

“When Archie was born, when the wedding was arranged, the way they now control extraordinarily their PR and these rumours of them going to Cape Town in South Africa, it’s all about an individual Meghan-led operation.”

HAHAHA, Cape Town is it? 🙄 Sure Jan, get your safari gear on you’re going to look terrible in khakis., this may be a good thing after all.  This what Harry wants out of life and if she can’t be part of that well, she has some decisions to make.

I agree she is pushing all the wrong buttons and if you leak you’re done, so buck up poor loser,  put up and shut up.

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The black cash ledger was a fake document

The article is from 2017. The info about the ledger was leaked into the press on purpose. The Mueller team could not use the original doc. Because they always knew that the doc was fake. They cited media reports as evidence. Holy moly!



No wonder why federal courts want Congress to figure it out first, it’s a bloody mess.  Lady Justice is crying right now, her scales are not being used, but McCarthyism is alive and well.

The Dems are trying to bankrupt Trumps associates with lawyer fees, how about paying them back? The supreme court must step in and stop this circus.

Tariffs do work, we need fair trade, we lost millions of jobs to the Chinese, they have stolen intellectual properties, unfair labor practices. We built their cities, they have an amazing infrastructure.  We can’t get Dems to sit down and stop tossing word grenades at the president to get stuff done.

This is the real shit show! 💩💩💩 It stinks!

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Fake friendships

Amal and George wouldn’t be caught dead with Meghan if she weren’t married to Harry.

‘We live not far from each other and we have dinners and stuff’: George Clooney open up about his relationship with Meghan and Harry as he says his twins have Amal’s brains


ugh. They still exist? lol




🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what he took time off to raise the twins, nobody would hire him!  Make sure you thank Harry for that one🌸😎JD

Oh my

Embattled attorney Michael Avenatti was charged by federal prosecutors in New York Wednesday with defrauding adult-film star Stormy Daniels, the client who propelled Avenatti into the national spotlight. —— You are right, JD. It’s like I am watching some bad movie. The further, the scarier.


Can you believe this stuff, I have goosebumps! All of this was following the links, follow the people, and it is so much bigger then I could have ever imaged.

Still, the left is just lying so terribly it’s embarrassing. Joe Biden throws his hat in they already annihilated him, and now they are kissing Bernie Sanders ass with socialism! Yep, you heard me, and the millennial kids want socialism. These poor deluded kids think this stuff doesn’t grow on trees, and everybody makes the same and is told where and when to work.  You will have no voice, and we will end up like Communist countries.  We will be ripe for the picking.

The Coupe against a sitting president, thank God he is strong anyone else would crumble.

This is the Shit show to watch, and I think we should steer the ship (blog) for drama in that direction.  The Dynamic Duo will be called upon in due time. They are part of the global shit show.

You can bring links with your anon, just copy and paste the link into anon form.  I will blow it up as an excerpt you see above.

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no posts about Megan Markle and Harry for 16th and 17th May. Is there a block now on articles that are not pro them? Just wondering!

Why is no one talking on this platform about Megan and Harry , since 15th May. Just wondering!

Not that i know of, JD is not doing too good medically, and i have been busy with my family and life. It gets very hard to type for her sometimes. I could care less about those two. But i will try to pop in and talk to you guys when i can. I do know she wants to gradually move the subject of those two away, because it’s too much of a hassle and there is too much bullshit surrounding them. too much toxic energy. Bad vibes, and toxic energy. But we also know you guys want to vent and what not so we will definitely try and be here.

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OMG! Yep, MM named the baby after the dead cat

Ninaki I suspect had this story and also sold pics. They named their child after Meghan’s dead cat who was named after the comic book character Archie. Megsy had a thing for Archie as a teen and she and her Dad both collected vintage Archie comics together. Archie, of course, was a redhead. These two have got 3 IQ points between them.

Oh, and she poisoned the cat by feeding him frozen grapes. So she kills the beagle and the cat but they let her have a baby. The baby is the adult in that family. LOL. This would be funny except they are responsible for a life! She can’t even be responsible for cats and dogs and now she has a human! Two mental midgets with the maturity of a 10 year old and a very bad history as pet owners have a baby. Please hire a Nanny quick. They are officially now both a total joke.

Yep, me too, I thought why? and then I saw splash news, ah, yes, Ninaki would have those pictures.  Yep! Archie has red hair and I guess she thinks she is Veronica!  It’s more like Jughead!  but when I think of Archie I think All in the family, Archie America’s favorite bigot!

Embed from Getty Images

I fear for the baby, MM claimed she was a genius did she kill her cat? it needed more attention then Meathead was willing to give?  Was it her turn to clean the litter box?

I think it’s pretty safe to say the press has opened fire on Meathead and  Dimwit.  I can’t wait for what’s next.

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“kindness” and “compassion” in all its glory

Democrat Sims proudly bullies and verbally harasses older women and teen girls. Shame on him! His fellow Dems who claim to be women rights champions are surprisingly quiet. I guess it’s okay for him to call a middle-aged woman a racist without any reason. Why is she a racist? Because she is a white woman?

“Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims repeatedly bullied the pro-life woman in an unhinged rant as she stood alone outside a Planned Parenthood in his district in southeastern Pennsylvania. Sims called the woman a “racist” and her sidewalk counseling “grotesque.”

He followed her around, hurling insults at her; and at one point, he got in her face with his camera and ignored her requests to leave her alone.

Embed from Getty Images

Sims also doxxed the pro-life woman, subjecting her to potential violence.

The videotaping and harassment is shameful, potentially illegal, and is conduct unbecoming a member of the state legislature. Sims should resign immediately.

We call on Representative Brian Sims to resign immediately after this shameful harassment and bullying of a pro-life woman. If he does not resign, the Pennsylvania state legislature should censure him and take whatever other disciplinary measure that are appropriate.”



This is disgusting and he doesn’t deserve to hold office. Abortion is a personal choice but I do know plenty of women who were coerced into getting one and regret they did it.  To allow people to kill a baby who can live on outside of the womb is murder!  You can fight with me all day long and I will fight until my last breathe, MURDER!!!

Birth control, condoms and be responsible, it’s not your mom’s new car, it’s a life!

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