Anon said: MM the narcissist/documentary

Meghan is loving this! She’s gleefully swiveled the attention from Catherine to herself this week quite on purpose. Meghan is a mental case and an addict. Her drugs of choice are constant drama, cameras, and a whipped-up audience. Getting over 30,000 comments on DM the other day must have been such a high for her!

She doesn’t care if it’s positive or negative attention – just so she’s in the center of it. She’s reduced Harry to nothing, literally shoved him aside, even erased his name to a mere “H” in the documentary – he’s just the means to fulfill her own ambitions and endless wants. That’s all he’s ever been to her. It’s incredible that he doesn’t see it, but keeps giving her what she demands.

One minute it’s pleadings and lawsuits for privacy, the next she’s spilling her guts on TV, and he’s parroting her. One minute she’s sucking up to the family she never had, the next she’s ghosting them and isolating Harry from them. It goes on and on. For God’s sake, Harry, wake up!


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I have goosebumps, Anon!  I have Katie Hopkins in my head with her tears from the Aus interview.

This situation is so darn funny if it wasn’t so sad for the clueless Harry. The enemy is right by your side, nincompoop!

Is this his passive-aggressive attempt to tell us things are not okay between him and Meghan? Or is he a better actor than Schmegma?


When poor Rhinnion Mills asked him a simple question, and his response was bizarre, he pointed and said, ask them? There was nobody there to ask what the hospital? Are the voices in his head that see imaginary people telling him what to do?


You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink from the lake of reality.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰😹



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Welcome To Soulful Sundays!

Good morning, Hope everyone is well!

JD ran across this idea to me, and of course I thought it was a great idea. Every Sunday I’ll be around to take any music requests you have, or to chat and offer support and advice if you need it.

Fitting song to start, so let’s do this!


Hi Vin!

Hi Vin!!!!!
Who are those haters?! We LOVE you! Welcome back!

HI!!! Thank you so much love! I’m glad to be back! The year I had let me tell you lol

Haters in general, you know. Dumb ass bullshit that doesn’t even phase us anymore. But I am back, and moving forward. I hope you are well tho! ❤❤❤


People attacking PB

Princess Beatrice is branded a ‘copycat’ for ‘imitating’ Prince Harry and Meghan’s black and white engagement photo – as fans spot their VERY similar loved-up poses

UGH. Whatever. I’m happy for Miss Bea. it’s about time she gets happiness. That last dude was ratchet as hell. ugh.


Anon said:PR out in full force

Her PR is out in full force today. You get downvoted when you write something they don’t like it and post A LOT of positive comments, they didn’t do this before Africa.

Oh god… This still exists? lol

I’m staying as far from this shit as I can go. But I still browse and all I know is that this will never end. They know what they have taken on. So i’ll say it again. I feel no remorse for the BRF. Whoops

Miss everyone, hope all is well ❤

A new conspiracy theory from “Fredo” LOL

Did you see it, JD? If not, go watch. Fake News CNN is out of their mind. Chris Cuomo promotes a news conspiracy theory why Pr. Trump is not aging, like other presidents?

At the end of his term, Obama looked like his own grandfather. Sleepy Joe could not remember when he was VP last time. On the other hand, Trump has not changed a bit. Quite frankly, he looks more energetic than ever before.

Anyway, Chris Fredo Cuomo concludes that Trump is still the same because he doesn’t care about the country. He doesn’t care what is going on. Go and watch this BS, JD. You will be amazed …

Chris Cuomo went to Yale, what a moron!  I want to know how much he’s being paid to spin this bullshit! Democrats are desperate they know they are a bunch of ying yangs pandering to minorities.  These candidates know they won’t ever get their agenda passed in the senate.


The people are turned off by this constant rhetoric!  BlueShare has said Whatever it takes!


This president is a businessman, Trump is used to the pace, and that’s what it takes to be a great president.  The people are sick and tired of being the world’s doormat, police, and warmongering. War is terrible for business.


Chris’s theory is flawed, and Trump does care, he cares about the people who elected him, not the jack ass from CNN fake news.  We proved time and time again, children in cages was Obama!


Now let’s laugh.


Thank you anon, God Bless America, TRUMP 2020


Politically Correct BS

MM only cares about herself and only promotes herself but those idiots can’t see that.

And they never will. We have been saying this the whole time, but we get ridiculed and shit because of it. She will get what she wants and do what she wants. And no one can do a thing about it. The BRF wont do a thing about it. I can’t believe she is still a subject after all this time. SMH. Hope you are well, and everything else i say, yada yada yada lol


Meghan Markle Made Her Mark

Prince Harry is ‘easily influenced’ by ‘determined’ Meghan Markle, royal author claims


“I don’t think she wants to be constrained by the royal demands and the royal way of doing things.

“When Archie was born, when the wedding was arranged, the way they now control extraordinarily their PR and these rumours of them going to Cape Town in South Africa, it’s all about an individual Meghan-led operation.”

HAHAHA, Cape Town is it? 🙄 Sure Jan, get your safari gear on you’re going to look terrible in khakis., this may be a good thing after all.  This what Harry wants out of life and if she can’t be part of that well, she has some decisions to make.

I agree she is pushing all the wrong buttons and if you leak you’re done, so buck up poor loser,  put up and shut up.

Love your favorite troll, 🌸😎JD

The black cash ledger was a fake document

The article is from 2017. The info about the ledger was leaked into the press on purpose. The Mueller team could not use the original doc. Because they always knew that the doc was fake. They cited media reports as evidence. Holy moly!



No wonder why federal courts want Congress to figure it out first, it’s a bloody mess.  Lady Justice is crying right now, her scales are not being used, but McCarthyism is alive and well.

The Dems are trying to bankrupt Trumps associates with lawyer fees, how about paying them back? The supreme court must step in and stop this circus.

Tariffs do work, we need fair trade, we lost millions of jobs to the Chinese, they have stolen intellectual properties, unfair labor practices. We built their cities, they have an amazing infrastructure.  We can’t get Dems to sit down and stop tossing word grenades at the president to get stuff done.

This is the real shit show! 💩💩💩 It stinks!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎