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According to the Daily Mail, they were allegedly in Lake Como with the Clooneys. And of course, we get the teaser into the next phase of her plan according to the headlines: Royal couple are said to have flown in last Thursday and stayed for three nights- Meghan reportedly helped look after children while Harry played- basketball-Security was tight, with Italian police ‘assisting royal protection officers’-It comes after the Clooneys were among the celebrity guests at Royal Wedding

Harry and Meghan, Uncategorized

I have no sympathy for the Queen or the BRF. PH brought MM into the fold so the majority of this is squarely on him. However, the Queen approved of the marriage without ever meeting anyone in MM’s family,and even gifted MM with the titles of “HRH” and “Duchess.” So that is all on the Queen. The Queen, PC, and PH never bothered to meet anyone in MM’s family before the marriage. For being head of the Church, I see no representation of Jesus, compassion, kindness, love, etc. in the BRF.