This song is gonna be the theme song for this site on January 1st 2020

This is the attitude JD and I would have when it comes to the royals and the bullshit.

Oh and hey everyone, happy holidays!



Jeremy Clarkson calls Greta Thunberg ‘a stupid idiot’

Climate convert Jeremy Clarkson calls Greta Thunberg, 16, ‘a stupid idiot’ and a ‘weird Swede with a bad temper’ for offering no solutions to climate change while ‘sailing across the ocean in a diesel-powered yacht’

Whooops… lol


Hi Everyone!

Yes, I am still alive. (Sorry Haters)

I have been working so much, and i am thinking about all of you. Seems like I missed a lot of crap going on. I wanted to say that I finally ordered some Jeffree Star eye shadow palettes. I will give you guys my thoughts on it in the forum, whenever the hell I receive them. His and Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy palette literally broke the internet, and because of that they haven’t shipped out the regular orders. So if any of you have ordered anything from him, be patient. I cannot wait to share my thoughts about it, I was hoping it will be here by tomorrow, which is my birthday.

Anyhoo, watch this space, I hope you all are well, and see you soon! And Hi Kitty!!! Keep being awesome!


New Richard Kay Article

RICHARD KAY: Whispered briefings, angst-ridden confessions, dynamite TV interviews… I fear Harry has failed to learn the lessons of his parents’ public feud




Checking in, I am off today so i’m catching up on what the hell is going on. Holy shit.

Soulful Sundays will be sporadic, since some Sundays i’m working. So in the meantime you still can throw me your requests, and whatever else you feel like submitting. I’ll answer whenever I can. Please continue to look after JD, and continue to fight the good fight. And to those that could be looking for me to post something negative to use against me, and to try to get me back into your bullshit, you wont get it. I know you’re out there. Sorry to disappoint. I grew up. 👌

To the grown ups, send me whatever you feel. I love you all, and i’ll be in as much as i can ❤❤


Pakistan Trip

The Crown Prince! Duke and Duchess don traditional Pakistani headwear as they meet Himalayan villagers – as historic Royal tour retraces steps his mother Princess Diana took during her visit in 1991

Can we discuss how good William looks? I mean what the hell? It should be illegal 😂