MM – Privacy

A MM fan yesterday said to me we should stop criticizing her and that people lie when they say that MM publishes PR articles etc. she only wants privacy lol. The news that MM wants total privacy is wrong. She loves the attention. She just doesn’t want negative press.




Let them believe what they want. They’ll be ok. LMAO





President Trump Signed a Deal with Mexico ~ No Tariffs

Fake friendships

Amal and George wouldn’t be caught dead with Meghan if she weren’t married to Harry.

‘We live not far from each other and we have dinners and stuff’: George Clooney open up about his relationship with Meghan and Harry as he says his twins have Amal’s brains


ugh. They still exist? lol




🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what he took time off to raise the twins, nobody would hire him!  Make sure you thank Harry for that one🌸😎JD

LOL this is rich

we were right – CDAN blind Megsy no live at Frogmore but lives in rental apt she gets for free but charges RF for. Not buying the last part but always said they were not living at FC. Someone in comments said apt in Mayfair. So WTF is the RF doing? Their strategy perplexes me. Not pregnant not at frogmore probably not really married and a kid named archie? Nothing is true. Believe nothing. It is all pretend.

Nothing surprises me anymore. Absolutely nothing. 😒