Who’s Out There?

What do you guys think about this pregnancy crap? I’m dead set on no but if she is they better find out how far along she is. I’m guessing that’s where the royal doctors come in? Because if all this hype was for nothing she will lose a LOT of fans.

Signed, Vintage 🎶🙄


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Outland Denim Harriet Black Jeans

God WHY all the constant touching?!

Why doesn’t anyone put a stop to this at royal functions? It’s nauseating to say the least!! And fake and contrived as can be. It’s like she’s hanging onto him so he can’t escape. He does is fair share too, though. I don’t get it.



Even the reporters are starting to see how annoying it is. it is no longer cute. It’s called insecurity.  😂


100% Team Cambridge FTW! Thank You my dear!

Signed, Vintage 🎶



Hey Vin!

Oh I will say what I think. She is desperate. And we were warned she’d try desperate pr stunts. Some say she is looking for a very big payoff from the RF and she embarrasses them to force them into giving it to her. This screams pr stunt to me. Harry is all over the place – he can hardly speak of the baby but he is also all over her. Then he looks depressed.





Few things: Bipolar Disorder. It was said he may have that. And I read a while back that she was offered all of this money but would not take it.  My thoughts are Harry should be happy, he always wanted kids right? I don’t see what the problem is tho. Desperation is the perfect word for this.  😏😂




Desperado needs to come to his senses. Because goddamn. Signed, Vintage. 🎶