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Yes, if anyone is wondering, or gave a shit, I did delete my tumblr blog. I know what happened was a misunderstanding but I was already tired of it anyway. I can be found here, on this website along with my own wordpress blog. I also have a main tumblr that I can be reached at, but no discussions at all of the marvelous markle and the prince. If you love music and vintage shit stop on by! thanks to everyone for everything, the laughs and the love.

Somebody please slap me and tell me she did NOT write this in all seriousness.



“I also advise you to visit on an empty stomach…”

Pardon my very extreme French today, but I just can´t help myself… for fuck´s sake, you feckin´ stupid c**t, these are people who have lost their homes, their everything, people who no longer have a kitchen where to cook for themselves and their loved ones, people who are in financial dire straits and probably can´t afford enough food every day… which is why they have this community now, basically a foodbank!

And the married-in-C(o)untess-of-Superc**tishness writes a foreword as if she was asked to describe the latest multiculti 5 star restaurant that opened in Beverly Hills, Milan or Dubai! And constantly using every chance to be bringing up HER love of food, HER love of traveling, HER having eaten multiculti, HER cooking, how SHE feels, what SHE thinks……

What in the actual hell do the paid, incompetent staffers do all day at KP? What kind of fuckery are the PR teams producing? And where´s the Top Lady in this?Does Liz have her goddamn house in any sort of order anymore? This is absolutely outrageous. That sentence alone should get her a can of whoop-ass like she´s never had one before. And then 3 PAGES of self serving, literary masturbation of a female Narc over food!… when the job was to let those shine who created that kitchen project and the book.


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