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JKR submitted: Richard Kaye Article

They Fell For Meghan's PR Stunt!

Many fell for MeAgain’s PR stunt, even some journalists I used to respect.

A betrayal no daughter could forgive: Meghan’s made mistakes. But after her father leaked her heartfelt letter, RICHARD KAY says the time may have come to cut him out of her life forever


I don't know about that. He is giving a little shove in all directions.  It's subtly telling all of them we are on to all of you.

Richard recaps last weeks PR disaster of the five friends,  warnings about what happened with Diana. Then he brings up the ultimatum she needs to make up or move on with it because frankly this game is bloody old and we are all sick to death over this dead horse(PR).

It's got no life anymore|(PR), the only thing left is some bones she can put that in her pressure cooker and serve as consumme to Harry.  It can go along with his new diet of juice. Poor Harry, is lacking nuts that Markle has hidden away in a ginger jar.  Enjoy your Fluids, Harry! 🤮

Give it a rest already Markle! Another warning shot to the Markle's and MM.

Thank you JKR🌸😎


Re KP filing suit - it can't. Kensington Palace is not and can never be a legal entity. It is funded by taxpayers, regardless. Kensington Palace is merely a commercial name of the palace owned in trust by the public to convey the business headquarters of the younger royals, where they also reside, their "court" so to speak. No public money can be used to file civil suits for royals and certainly not under the name Kensington Palace. It would and should cause a public outcry of epic proportions.

It would be akin to a politician suing in the name of Downing Street or something. Nonsense, the lot of it.

This is how you know this is bogus. If Harry or Meg want to sue personally (as did Will and Kate over the topless photos) that is another thing ... but to do this in the UK would be difficult for myriad reasons.