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We never talked about the "kick"


Hi JD & Vintage,

I didn't see any posts regarding the video of MeAgain feeling a "visible" kick from baby Sussex a week or so ago. What is your take on this? I'm confused by it, TBH, because I've been convinced they're using a surrogate until now. Something about the video looks weird to me, but I guess it's possible? It could also be an edited video? What if she wore a jelly belly during the early months but is now really showing? So faked early on but real now? I'm so confused.

I remember when I was pregnant occasionally getting a big kick, but I don't recall it ever being that visible. Also, the relative lack of coverage of it makes me wonder if reporters are skeptical, think it's no big deal or maybe just don't want to go there. Thoughts?


It's Thought anon!  Hey! Welcome!

Real or surrogate, something is coming, and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it. MM is in the family now they are going to protect Harry because when you hit Meghan, you hit Harry.

I can show moon bumps, empathy bladders all day long and won't make a bloody difference to the Royals.

My bff had three boys and one of them when she would lie down and moved a certain way, I could see the baby kick.  IMO the video is inconclusive it doesn't prove anything.

Morocco trip I doubt highly they are picking up a baby, at seven months pregnant the baby would need NICU, Neonatal intensive care unit, the lungs aren't fully developed, low birth weights. It would be the most dangerous thing to do.

We're back to wait and see.

Thank you Thoughts anon, 🌸😎