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Prince Harry’s girlfriend’s sad rift from her sister revealed

None stop with this girl today, no lines for anon

Prince Harry’s girlfriend’s sad rift from her sister revealed


How many ex wives did MM father have. OMG there is yet ANOTHER story with more siblings and ex wife

omg!! is this the total take down!! Maybe 3, seems to be the magic number right now. My head is spinning, okay people come back with links, please so the viewers can see. Jesus, is this girl going to out shadow a tragic event?

thanks anon, keep them coming, now have to look for the story 

Probably thought about going back to the ex because soon enough she wouldn’t even have a home to go back to. ☕️🐸

I heard she is couch surfing, which makes me a little cray cray, thinking she was going to the invite to move in to Kensington palace.

There was something going in her mind about that, what happened to being independent woman? load of crap!

 I shagged a prince and I got was this stupid designers purse!

thanks anon, keep them coming

I wish radar would’ve waited a few days to publish them. I don’t feel the photos will get maximum exposure with the queen hosting an event today. But maybe they wanted to combat the good publicity KP will receive. Who knows what tomorrow brings. Look what nudity brought Kim K!

Anon came on the other night and saying, with all these commitments for acting falling into her lap, do you think she wants to get engaged? no, but she does want both hmmmm……

It’s tacky with what’s going in Germany and the queens luncheon,  but people are looking for it,  right now!  sells newspapers, she’s a little darling to them, whether or not it’s negative or positive.

She’s dancing a jig! she should call Trevor and thank him

thanks anon, keep them coming

she cheated on him – a close friend also stated T was devastated to learn about Harry hoping to get back together with M

Whoa!! shut the front door!! burning the candle at both ends, I heard when she had the tiff with harry, she said she was thinking about going back to one of the exe’s, omg, juicy!!

Super snooper award!

thanks anon, you come back with more stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!