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Sparkle the official girlfriend

Since he declared her girlfriend, she can’t do whole lot of things now, right? Like can’t do charity work (sam, I hope you chime in). They’ll have to see scrips, they will cut her wings right off.

Anybody want to chime in here? Let’s discuss


I agree with the other anon. Everyone who questions her intentions is labeled a racist. I have a black dad & white mom. Her & I could share the same shade of foundation. I have zero interest in marrying a public figure, but it’s uncomfortable to see anyone possibly be taken advantage of. The Internet is a place to put things down & no one on tumblr is wishing her harm.

Thank you, really thank you, my foster daughter has a mixed race child named Jordan, I love him with all my heart. None of us have spoken of violence towards Ms Sparkle here on tumblr, it’s her own websites that she needs to moderate very carefully,  not only is there goddess worship going on and invites to have sex, marriage proposals, she needs to maintain a neutrality with her followers, start kicking them off and blocking them. Stop boo hoo to Harry. 

Anon, bless your heart for coming forward. You can always vent here, about anything

Thks for the nice answer! Really. I mean, I’m living in France but both my parents are not french. I’m mixed myself and I don’t see why I should tell to me people ‘hey, be nice, I’m not french, racism racism racism”. I KNOW what is it to be look askance at. I KNOW what you feel. I know the feeling of being considered as a foreigner while I was born in France, that I grew up here even if I know 2 cultures. I proud of that. I don’t think that ALWAYS to pull everything back over your origin is bad.

Your welcome sweetheart, there is no room in modern society for racism. God made us different so we’d never be boring, celebrate diversity. When meeting someone from another country, I just thirst to hear all about their country, traditions, food, ect. I had a lady from Lebanon who actually worked for UN, attend my b-day party and I was thrilled, best present ever. Thanks Renae bff

What makes me upset in the statement was the racist card that KP & Harry used. We can not criticize her whitout being judged as ‘racist’. The fact that she’s mixed as nothing to do with her behaviour. This her personnality I criticize, not her color skin, her height or I don’t know why.

Anon, it’s okay, it most certainly not about race, all about the lies. I feel you, don’t feel bad about wanting to your express feelings or trying to find answers to this head spinning Sparklegate.

Here you go , I’ll say it, she is full of shit

Sorry it took me so long. So I was right, you also agree that something is missing. Alert: Vitiello agreed to talk. Shit WILL hit the ventilator. Fame hungry, user and social climber.

Hell yeah! She’s a chocolate covered pickle, sweet on the outside till you take a bite.

OMG, wow, knew it was a matter of time when the real players started coming out.

You deserve better Harry, this girl will drag your good name down, it’s started already.