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No, it wasn’t me. Harry doesn’t give interviews, scoops or anything to Emily Andrews from the sun. Emily Nash claims that he gives, but its a lie. The only one, sort of, that WILLIAM and all PR companies from UK uses is Camilla tominey!

There is that name again, Camilla Tominey, that’s Megs connection, scoop my ass

We have to give you a nickname of where are you from, and we have NYC and STL already.

We are getting to the nitty-gritty on this false future duchess, all help is appreciated


Instead of being the tater joke anon, I’ve decided to name myself STL because I’m from Saint Louis. Lol

Okay with that, getting chills from the other one. How are you liking the comments thus far, she has 3 names on DM, she loves herself but insecure. Those are pretty good, the one I wanted had to have been flagged, it was bad