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Think the first time he wore this new bracelet was at Wellchild awards. What engagements did he attend after Aberdeen?

okay, so we have a timeline, Well Child awards was the first time he was photographed with it on Oct 3rd ummmm……

He could just bought for himself or gift from anybody really.

There have been a couple people from Toronto that say he was never there, it’s all been like smoke an mirrors, the perception is surreal 

Hey its the anon from Houston that sent you the info on the hat and bracelet. I’ve also noticed people saying that he gave Chelsey and Cressida the same bracelet but I’ve been unsuccessful in finding any pictures proving that.

Chelsy yes, don’t know Cressy, user-sam is Cressida, she will know. Same bracelet, oh JHC how tacky if that’s the case, discount for buying bulk, lol.

The wedding for Jill Roth was August 6th and it was in NYC

Hello from NYC anon! 😁 No. Nolimits and oneofthose are the same person. Its mycrarrythings and her obsession of defending all girls linked to harry. Every time she likes them! Darn funny! 😂😂😂😂😂

Morning NYC, I’m not allowed to follow her or reblog anything from her, don’t know why. Maybe you just answered my question, cause I don’t like his girlfriends personality. Sparkle is a man-eater.

 Little birdie123 is alive and posting. Worries me that they are attacking harriet from toronto, she has inside scoop, as they were filming in her building.

NYC, you are not supposed to talk about other bloggers like that. Wink