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About The International Ladies of Mysteries

 The International Ladies Of Mysteries

our mission is a Speculation, conjecture, fiction, historically accurate site; I don’t guarantee that any information is correct; I leave that to the viewer to decide. We don’t know how truthful the anons are going to be. Take it with a grain of salt. By entering this site, you agree to hold harmless jerseydeanne, anons, commenters, authors, WordPress, twitter, tumblr.

We may not be politically correct at times. A sense of humor is a must for bad taste, satire, humor, snark, sarcasm.


We are currently on Trump’s witch hunt. I will bring you evidence that this man is being set up. The progressive left has paid off the mainstream media and ran a smear PR campaign against our President and Humans worldwide! Thanks, Hillary. George Soros and the Chinese government!


Jeffrey Epstein, the pedophile, we dive into dark places to expose these animals. It may not be for everyone, but we have our flashlights to see the slimy cave dwellers and their billionaire friends, politicians, businessman, actors, producers, and directors!  We are going to (God willing) to expose them all!


Jerseydeanne has grown into an idea involving women worldwide using our opinions and life skills we have learned over the years.  We are from the US, UK, and Aus, Europe. We are from different economic backgrounds and ethnicities.


If you like to share one of your life’s experiences, links, or comments, send us anon. If you want to be a regular contributor to the blog, sign up send us anon with your user name, and I send you an invite to be an author.


We are against the WOKE Speak. None of us believe that people are unconsciously biased! We don’t hate men. They have a place at the table and don’t need prats to tell us differently.


We trust in God, and we believe in Jesus Christ, we pray for our leaders to make good moral choices.


JD- Owner- Politics, human trafficking, Midnight Riders, Meghan & Harry, Anons

Sarri- Editor, Meghan & Harry, Royals, Misc

Kitty Links- Lead researcher, receipt collector, politics, thought-provoking articles, super snooper

Barb- Inspiration, Midnighter riders, support

Vin- vintage rock and roll, funk

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