About Jerseydeanne & friends

About jerseydeanne & friends

our mission

British Royal watcher since 1981, an admirer of beautiful things and people. Retired to Florida. Opinionated and Empathic. Former Restaurant/Bar manager and Insurance agent.

Hopefully, you like some of our interests, and we can exchange Ideas and links. Let’s have fun.

jerseydeanne.com is a Speculation, conjecture, fiction, historically accurate site; I don’t guarantee that any information is correct; I leave that to the viewer to decide. We don’t know how truthful the anons are going to be. Take it with a grain of salt and gallons of booze. By entering this site, you agree to hold harmless jerseydeanne, anons, commenters, authors, WordPress, tumblr, twitter, facebook, and Instagram.

We may not be politically correct at times. A sense of humor is a must for bad taste, satire, humor, snark, sarcasm.

The site is also going to be drama, heartfelt messages to lift your spirits, songs that bring you back to the good old days, fashion and glamour with celebrities throw in some gossip to titillate your fancy.

Pictures would belong to their owners unless otherwise stated; please let me know if it is your edit of a gif so I may give you proper credit.

Since I started this two years ago on tumblr, I wanted this site to more than Royals. I want to help bloggers get their start: I know how hard it is to break into the world of blogging. Maybe you don’t want to be a fulltime blogger, but it’s nice to belong to something. You might enjoy contributing to something cool. If you have an idea for one of the categories I have listed, contact us, we would love to have you. I, JD built this site for everyone, become a friend today

We are looking for contributors for the LGBT category, our blogs support and accepts’ you; God does love you!

Wanted; bloggers for the male point of view for men’s, sports, fashion dating, health.

Vintagescorpio – music and car buff, gives opinions on the royal farce.