Prince Charles secretly makes a ‘significant’ donation to a new charity helping farmers cope with mental illness – as he says difficulties faced by Duchy of Cornwall tenants during the pandemic left him ‘demoralised’

  • Prince of Wales recorded a video message of support for tenants earlier this year
  • He praised community for coming together and said he’s ‘enormously proud’
  • Over one farmer a week commits suicide with workers under ‘extreme stress’
  • He highlighted farmer who launched charity to help with mental health issues

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The Queen will skip a church service at Balmoral as a ‘sensible precaution’ against coronavirus during her annual summer stay with Prince Philip

  • Buckingham Palace said the Queen will not attend Sunday service this weekend
  • The monarch and Prince Philip are currently on the Balmoral Estate in Scotland
  • Normally on a Sunday while in residence, the Queen attends Crathie Kirk 
  • Crowds of people often line the road in the hope of seeing the Queen drive by 

CDAN – Just Harry – being censored again!

Blind Items Revealed #5

July 28, 2020

That big global summit led by the expatriate royal is supposed to be in a couple of days. There is no lineup of speakers announced. There have been no programs announced. The official promo says it is a non profit, which it isn’t. Sounds like this will be a mess, or just postponed.

Travalyst/Prince Harry (It did happen. It was a mess. They are still pretending it is non profit. It is not. Prince Harry filmed two separate four minute live shots, nine hours apart which were more akin to hostage videos.)