The royal family has already made a huge mistake

The royal family has already made a huge mistake



105 comments now on DCDAN blind 15 about her not helping her Dada comments range from “the hooker the ho the yachter etc to this one:

If anyone here knows of any reason why these two should not married….”
The Church should be full of people with some really interesting answers to that question…

another one

The greed and lust for power are practically shining from her eyes.
She can’t even hide it. Disastrous for the royal family.

Unknown people ‘worth millions’ don’t yacht

samples – she is not a popular cookie on CDAN either but she don’t care she got what she wanted

No press is bad press, wait until she gets our bill!  I want 3 million

JD – Charles and WIlliam and Harry need to do a better job to protect themselves.  The press will nto do it for them.  They need to control her but they have shown little inclination to do so.  And her greed will also be their undoing.  Wait til she starts going after their donors so she can start her own “humanitarian” (all for show) gig for her post Harry life.  

The charity I believe IMO she would think it was her to spend. I got a weird anon about that. Harry living off the charity, WTH, it doesn’t work that way and having to work for it! WTF yes you have to work OMG! 

Thank you ckob 💐💐

Allowing Markle into the family is disastrous and does not give them a chance to fight another day.  I’d bet there is an idea that the public outcry will go away but it won’t because Markle won’t go away and everything that has turned the public against her will only get worse.

1.  MM is still leaking like crazy – the second anything happens she is calling E!  and her other outlets.  She will continue to do this.  So the control the RF has exerted over its “image” is now undermined.  And if she can leak than the UK tabs will stop feeling like they need to give in to the RF press control.  

2.  Because she leaks and arranges pap pics she destroys the argument for privacy among the RF members.  You can’t leak and then scream privacy when something you don’t want gets caught.

3.  here is the most significant problem – the USW article y her buddy Mio is Markle telling us exactly what she will do.  She does this all the time – she makes it clear what her plans are she did that with the engagement back in July 2017 in E!.  So she is now telling you she is not going to be a nice Harry’s wife – she is going to run her own show.  She has said all along she’d not give in to royal rules and she’d change the monarchy  cause she is going to merch, leak, call the paps, and create her own brand.  ONce she is a Duchess she really only needs Harry for the occasional royal event.  He gets thrown to the side now.  It will be all MM.  Her causes her political activism.  All of which will doom the RF.

4.  They have underestimated her the entire time.  And they will continue to underestimate her.  And she will continue to play them as she has all along.  Even after the divorce she’ll use them and since her agenda is not what the RF can tolerate – she will take them down.  Stupid and we saw it coming way back in December 2016.

Thank you ckob, I agree she going to toss Harry and run the show. MM needs to be stopped.  The press needs to do a better job! 

I was listening to the radio today. After Madonna’s Like A Virgin finished playing the DJ made the following comment. “ we’ve all seen the pictures of both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle not looking like virgins and no matter how royal they dress they certainly won’t be looking like virgins on Saturday . “

That’s funny Lattedah, the girlfriend experience turned into a shotgun wedding. 

God, please help the BRF

Thank you Lattedah 

Been trying to avoid this debacle but the comments on DM are terrible. People are tearing shreds into Markle. This is a disaster waiting to happen..

I know anon,  yeah it is, suicide, the truth shall set you free. That’s what they need to be doing right now. That is saving face, the country would rally. 

Thank you anon 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 

JD, my message to you is peace and comfort, you can be sure that principally you, skippy and Felix just did good and fought for the truth and continue to fight. Remember that as the Bible says: Whatever you reap, however, you will reap. Stay at peace with God and your family, this woman will reap from life the evil she is spreading. You will have the good as a reward, for striving for justice and truth. It was a great pleasure to meet you, I’ll continue here. Much love.

Thank you. It’s not over until I do