Harry is not wearing his “love” bracelet today. Let the media frenzy about this start. Do you HM told him not to because it would unwanted questions that shouldn’t he asked.

This is a great question, he is 32 yr old, he looked professional, did you notice the beautiful suit, very tailored. 

 I think Grand dad  had a sit down chat about how it really is, little dose of reality, “for Christ sake Harry, what were you thinking!”. Pr Philip schooled him IMO.  

What do you guys think? Love to hear from you guys

Thank you anon and good morning from sunny Florida 

PS: he still has it on?


Minion alert

Be careful my friends, minions are out and commenting, actually campaigning for Sparkle. I’ve already spotted them on the mail. Why? to change public opinion or stir the pot more, if you are one, stop and tell her to stop and remain quiet. Unless, she doesn’t give dam about Prince Harry and only in it for the notoriety. Karma is very powerful, think before you post.

STL is back. I just caught up. IDK who the anon is that trusts Emily. I know of Victoria & her Walking with the Wounded segments. Other than that I think Harry is press shy.

NYC doesn’t have an account, I wanted her to do web chat privately. This is the way she wants it, so okay. I was really surprised at reaction to all my comments from the mail, still searching for more. Loved to here what Trevor has to say, She called you a redneck. It’s getting weird man. 

Maybe Sparkle is whole bunch of crazy

No, it wasn’t me. Harry doesn’t give interviews, scoops or anything to Emily Andrews from the sun. Emily Nash claims that he gives, but its a lie. The only one, sort of, that WILLIAM and all PR companies from UK uses is Camilla tominey!

There is that name again, Camilla Tominey, that’s Megs connection, scoop my ass

We have to give you a nickname of where are you from, and we have NYC and STL already.

We are getting to the nitty-gritty on this false future duchess, all help is appreciated

Instead of being the tater joke anon, I’ve decided to name myself STL because I’m from Saint Louis. Lol

Okay with that, getting chills from the other one. How are you liking the comments thus far, she has 3 names on DM, she loves herself but insecure. Those are pretty good, the one I wanted had to have been flagged, it was bad