Lipo, boobs and nose. Her nose was terrible, check pics without filter or Photoshop. Her perfil is also horrid. She got those huge wholes just like Harry! Disgraceful!

One stop shop at the plastic surgeons, okay


No protection from the royal family at all, its forbidden. Of course she can hire a private security company, that isn’t the problem. Kate only started to have one, that is and was at time a RPO, AFTER the engagement was announced. Not before!

oh, sorry, it’s sucks to be her right now, come on you know that’s flying around the world right now. It is to quiet today, something is brewing. A reporter said her life is just to perfect, something is off and it is, it’s a shame really cause, she is kinda of blowing it

Oh yeah both of the red dresses she wore she had really bad posture and the usual try hard. FYI the dress I was speaking of was from her days before Suits. And I hate that silver dress, it was made by one of the 600 people that introduced her to harry. I have seen that pic of her that was from snapchat, it look suspiciously photo shopped something about her is off and not the usual off look.

I agree, she might be nuttier than a fruit cake, a little cray, cray. I feel you with the off and it has nothing to do with looks, it’s personality. Sparkle works now, but what has she done for work beside part time calligraphy writer and being a girlfriend/wife to Trevor? I looked at the topless pic, I could be wrong, she looks like she has breast fed before.

I just think your 20’s are for living & running around town to dip & do it with reckless abandonment. But when you hit 30, gurl it’s time to get it together & be perceptive. Take some responsibility for yourself bc no one is going to take it for you.

TOUCHE!!!! What on earth is she thinking? Is there a sex tape, cause that throws you into the world of Kardashian, maybe, you have to have ample assets if you know what I mean. There is a way to check what kinda camera the topless photo is from, camera leaves a signature, make model, who took the picture? Hope it’s not our guy Harry, maybe this was important thing she needed to do, being his official girlfriend, she would have some protection in UK only


This is from this year, she just learned how to do snap chat, OMG! He may have taking the picture, she learned how to do that in June. Piers Morgan interview was in Jun and he said she was spotted with him a couple days later at SOHO house.

Was this the important thing she had to do? what next sex tape?