Hey JD , DM definitely reads here, you said a few months ago about SOHO , why would anybody want to stay in a Pig Sty. Now here we have it !!!!! 😂😂😂

Thank you but they ran the story first, and the comments needed moderations, like why? It may have been SOHO themselves the neighbors are complaining. 

This article is taking a shot at Pigsty’s for people to be charged a crazy amount of money to stay in, what next a water trough and a mud pit?  The comments are phony I love it there!  They have b-list reality stars that are well known for drugs.  Yes, they have some A-listers like Eddie Redmayne watch how fast they are told to stay clear of Soho.  

Ron Burkle, you know the creepy guy from the blind item, Nobody is getting away from this shit storm.