A Take on Enty Blinds

A Take on Enty Blinds

Anonymous said:
JD, you could read Enty’s latest blind as PC encouraging MM to act out in order to stress HM so much she abdicates, or worse, that it kills her. That would give PC extra time as king (top of the pile) that he wouldn’t otherwise have. It is conceivable HM could live as long as her mother and PC doesn’t. Then, if she keeps to her word never to abdicate, PC would never have any time…

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The documentary has two parts. Can’t wait. The second part can’t be worser than the first

You know it will! I wonder if we actually get the full interview with Anne because that’s rare. Amazing women and if you want a picture of feminists you look at HM, Anne, Camilla, Sophie. Being a feminist doesn’t mean you lose your feminity, it’s much more than that. MM has lost the plot. 

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎