Harry in for the long haul…

Harry in for the long haul…

So obviously Harry is in this for the long haul and “whatever Meghan wants, she gets” according to the new PC book. But do we think she will stick around for the long haul?!

MM is an opportunist, forever is 2 years for this chick, if she doesn’t already have her next victim in her sights, then we would see some morphing happening. As she did with Corey she looked kinds of Asian and with Harry it…

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Anon time!! so you remember the Suits Anon?

Anon time!! so you remember the Suits Anon?

Anonymous said:

Remember the suits anon who told us what would happen, and we dismissed it? She said Megsy planned divorce in 2 yrs or a few yrs if I recall right. He’ll be a wreck by then.

Yes, I do! Two years is her forever, honestly, I don’t know which person is going hang the longest.  Everyone was warned. Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

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Her Tig comments are exactly what she is planning on now with the twist of “fashion icon”. And like Tig it will fail cause she is lazy. She never worked on the Tig hard enough to make it a real success. Just like she never worked on her acting career hard enough. Or her University education. She gets bored and gives it up 2 yrs seems to be her limit. Which is the length of her marriage and Cory relationship and is about when she’ll leave Harry too.

She borrowed everything like we all do. She wants to be Goop, but Gwen has test kitchens and really gets into it. I still want the Yurt goddammit! 

MM is lazy, she thinks she is a hard worker sitting in a chair getting 7 minutes of airtime. Yeah, sure you are. 

Being an actor is an ongoing learning experience, you study your craft with acting coaches your entire life to bring believability in a character you want the audience to be invested in. The reason to put asses in seats. 

I agree she has a 2 year limit on things, dogs sorry gotta go.  Corey who? Trevor make your show good.  I’ll post about every week. 

Thanks anon 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹