An Amazing Patriot loving the constitution


I love our constitution and until they change it at the federal level this bullshit

Virginia declares emergency ban on all guns and weapons after ‘serious threats’ from militia groups ahead of gun rally – as Governor vows to prevent same violence as Charlottesville

  • Governor Ralph Northam has declared an emergency ban on guns and weapons ahead of a major gun-rights demonstration
  • He said law enforcement received ‘credible intelligence’ that militia and hate groups were planning to storm the capitol during a planned rally on Monday
  • Gun-rights advocates have planned a ‘Lobby Day’ rally as they seek to block the gun control legislation backed by Northam 
  • Northam said he wanted to avoid the violence that erupted during the 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville

I think this bullshit and George Soros can go suck on rotten eggs