There was a lot of money involved in the plan. This was the start of what is now the agreement with the BRF. There were some very disturbing things in the original plan.. For example, making sure Harry was single at the right time.. this included getting rid of all other girlfriends. Meghan and the PR company didn’t shy away from certain intimidation tactics. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. I can’t disclose any more, you have no idea. (part 2/2) – PR anon.


Part 2.. you will be surprised on what I know.. Yes it was a plan to get Harry whilst he was single.. We know about his former GF which he dated under the radar for 2 years.. Well K & C helped with the first statement that come out in November 2016 and are still in the mix.. We Also saw that she was planning things all of 2016 by getting pics with celebrities to make herself look more famous with again the help of her 4 PR agencies. Well now it’s looking that the BRF are striking back after that Anthrax Article and today was the first time the media has contacted CH instead of KP to get a story confirmed.. So that means that the media are not trusting KP who have made a big mess of this show..

Thanks PR anon, feel free to share more…😊👍

Sure you can, we know outing this eliminated the competition , we know she has been infiltrating his inner circle for years, we know she been trying to look like Pippa, mimic Kate, she found out which buttons to push on Harry, playing the Diana card would get Harry to respond and be her puppy. If this goes back 5 years she was with her husband so that in itself is adultery, then hockey players and the good chef.  Corey was able to get her a status she didn’t enjoy in LA. 

Tell us what her finale is?  you can tell us more than we already know