60 minutes Aus, Meghan Markle

60 minutes Aus, Meghan Markle

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60 Minutes Australia | I love Lucy

So I wonder what Malcolm & Lucy Turnbull think of MM. I’m sure they both have the measure of her. Did Mrs. Turnbull have a chance to quiz MM on her humanitarian efforts? A successful lawyer and politician, she herself received the Order of Australia for her distinguished service to the community, particularly through philanthropic contributions to, and fundraising support for, a range of medical, social welfare, educational, youth and cultural organisations, to local government, and to business. She could take down that fraudulent hustler in one minute. Slice and dice her. Oh, and here’s a link to Prime Minister Turnbull’s philosophy on sex and scandal.


There are two words Prime Ministers never want to hear in the same sentence – sex and scandal. Just ask Malcolm Turnbull, who has been lumbered with cleaning…

An experienced politician can look through the act.  Thank you anon 

60 Minutes Australia | I love Lucy