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DoC Today~ A positive anon

DoC Today~ A positive anon

Okay loved how both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were dressed today but a word for the visit they made to the closing factory and the committee seeking to find new uses for the factory so jobs can be saved. This showed an appreciation for the hardship these workers face and were a serious minded event. Good for them.…

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Prince Harry should take some blame ~ He is responsible for her

Prince Harry should take some blame ~ He is responsible for her

There is no denying Meghan is a very nasty person who does not treat others with respect or even simple courtesy. She clearly thinks she is superior to others even the stories from Cory’s friends published in the DM showed that. So that surprises me cause while Harry has made some petty, jealous remarks he was taught by his mother and has always seemed to be a decent person treating others…

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