Anon is right it isn’t a patronage where a registered charity asks MM to be their sponsor. It is a one off project. MM is acting like she just saved the world but it is typical of royals to do forwards to fundraising projects like this so why MM and the royal reporters think it is such a huge deal is beyond me. I’m sure it mattered a lot to those lovely women but then so did Kate’s forward to the RAF spouses cookbook. We just did not get the huge pr splash Meghan made.

Thank you for this, after a conversation I had with @lila4 she got me up to speed on that.  I agree with you, it is a one-off. Markle has no patronages so far.  IMO MM stole these ladies cookbook and claimed it as her own.  If you look online, it has nothing to do with Markle except for her smug on the cover. 

Why can’t KP reel her in and explain in detail what it’s like to be humble? I got a song in my head now.  

Just in case Smuggle is reading the definition of humble 



  1. 1.having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.“ he was humble about his stature as one of rock history’s most influential guitarists” synonyms: meek, deferential, respectful, submissive, diffident, self-effacing, unassertive; More
  2. 2.of low social, administrative, or political rank.“ she came from a humble, unprivileged background” synonyms: lowly, working-class, lower-class, poor, undistinguished, mean, modest, ignoble, low-born, plebeian, underprivileged; More


  1. 1.lower (someone) in dignity or importance.“I knew he had humbled himself to ask for my help” synonyms: humiliate, abase, demean, lower, degrade, debase; More

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


I’m the 76 weeks anon, June 1st comment is a different person. Did you get the link I sent you?

LMAO, I was so confused, had my puffs and was like, somebody Fing with me here, rotflmao.

Did you mean her at the UJA, Ms Markle is Jewish, anybody can go to catholic school or she may have converted because of Hollywood, husband, she looks like a JAP (Jewish american princess) I grew up in a jewish neighborhood this not offensive