RPN – Hollywood actress Jameela Jamil talks about her Abortion


That’s nice, BRF should be proud! Meghan Markle’s friend.


DM reports: Remains of over 2,000 fetuses found in home of former Abortion doctor

That’s Sick! I do wonder how many he sold?

What could be the reasoning to preserve fetuses he had killed?  Mass murderer!

I understand the girl’s being raped by uncle’s, but it should have been reported and the child removed from the situation.

You are not giving pain medication because a patient can’t afford it! You have no idea how much that hurts.


This is female reproductive rights? It’s cruel and inhumane! I don’t care what side of the issue you support but get mad. I know this bastard isn’t the only one that gives a choice for pain management with the procedure.  It should be included! I’ve taken friends to have this done, I know!


Isn’t Illinois the state that puts live babies from abortions in a comfort room to die? Shame on you!


Dear heavenly father, I cry for the souls you sent to earth to only be destroyed by greedy doctors and asinine men.  Please forgive us. Amen 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Julian Castro~ How did you get a job with Obama?? Trans women have the right to abortions~ Really??

Julian Castro~ How did you get a job with Obama?? Trans women have the right to abortions~ Really??


Wow, I’m deeply offended, I mean I didn’t know I could have a do-over after my uterine cancer, Julian.  I thought it worked like the outy becomes an innie.  I had no idea they were transplanted ovaries, tubes, and bloody uterus? LOL

I meant to post about this the other day, but would you trust this nincompoop to run the USA?

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DM ~ World’s Smallest Surviving Premature Baby ~ Would you kill me? Think about this!

This is my argument against abortion, you may have reproductive rights but be intelligent about caring for yourself.  This is breathing, a living soul, could you kill this baby?  There are so many people that would love and care for your child. Think first.

AL Anon~ Pro Life but…

AL Anon~ Pro Life but…

Personally, I’m pro-life for myself but believe that everyone has the right to choose what is best for themselves. Your body, your choice, your conscience just as my body is my choice. It would take a God-given miracle for me to get pregnant so I have my emotions turned off because I knew, deep down, that the govt would have signed it into law.

What is, however, going at my nerves like a cheese…

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“kindness” and “compassion” in all its glory

“kindness” and “compassion” in all its glory

Democrat Sims proudly bullies and verbally harasses older women and teen girls. Shame on him! His fellow Dems who claim to be women rights champions are surprisingly quiet. I guess it’s okay for him to call a middle-aged woman a racist without any reason. Why is she a racist? Because she is a white woman?

“Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims repeatedly bullied the pro-life woman in an unhinged…

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