Prince Andrew and ANOTHER sex slave: MoS uncovers evidence the Duke of York was in paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion at the same time as a victim of the horrifying abuse

  • An investigation by The Mail on Sunday has uncovered compelling evidence that a woman was sexually assaulted and forced into a sham lesbian marriage
  • The Duke has always insisted he never saw anything that aroused his suspicion
  • The revelation the Prince is believed to have been a Epstein’s house at the same time as the victim who endured such an appalling ordeal will raise questions

Patriot Hour – Are The Children Being Rescued?Choice To Know [PRAY]

Goose Bumps ladies and gentlemen!

Come to the lord and be bathed in the holy spirit.

It will bring you tears of joy as your sins are washed away by Jesus Christ our lord and savior 🥰

It’s okay to love God again. He has been by your side the entire time. Reach out to him.

Prince Andrew called his ‘victim’ Virginia Roberts ‘a very sick girl’:

Duke made insensitive remark just days after she told of her abuse at hands of Royal’s paedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein

Make no mistake; PA was raping his little heart out.  Of course, he is going to throw hatred at the victim.  Andrew feels as though they are whores; he can do anything he wants to them. He grew up this way; he has no accountability.   His Madam laughs at him; he is such a sap. 

Harvey Weinstein seeks a last-minute delay of his New York Rape trial

Harvey Weinstein seeks a last-minute delay of his New York rape trial and requests it be MOVED due to ‘circus’ atmosphere as exasperated judge demands potential jurors stop tweeting about the case

  • Weinstein’s attorney filed the motion on Wednesday citing a ‘carnival-like atmosphere’ in Manhattan
  • They argued that the media frenzy means their client will be unable to receive a fair trial
  • Judge is forced to admonish potential jurors for tweeting about the process in their excitement 
  • It came just a day before the final phase of jury selection in his New York rape trial is scheduled to start
  • A sixth day of jury selection at Weinstein’s New York City rape trial ended Tuesday after another batch of prospective jurors told a judge that they had already made up their minds about the movie mogul 
  • Weinstein and his lawyers met with prosecutors behind closed doors on Wednesday morning as they worked to whittle down the pool of prospective jurors based on their responses on a screening questionnaire 
  • The 67-year-old has been pictured hobbling into the courthouse every day since proceedings got underway
  • He had surgery on his back in December last year after being injured in a car crash in August 2019


Your Post – Child services

Your Post – Child services

Wonderful and inspiring JD. Thank you for sharing this. There is always a plan, even though, at times, we fail to see the bigger picture.
Reading your “story ” it’s obvious to me God had bigger things for you. You were chosen for these children. Someone had to love them unconditionally and fight for them in a way no one else could .

The care system here is pretty much the same as the US, so many…

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Let’s Talk About The Foster Care System And Abuse

Let’s Talk About The Foster Care System And Abuse

Let’s Talk About The Foster Care System and Abuse

by jerseydeanne

You may have read that I was once a foster mom, I thought since I couldn’t have children of my own that God was trying to tell me that I have so much love to give to a child, why not try to help the unwanted or abused an older child.

Everybody wants babies, but there are so many that are neglected by abuse. Maybe they come from a…

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Pass me a sick backet, please

Oh God, Oh God

There is allegedly a video type of Baba Bill in action with a young girl???? 

Oh yeah, I watched this and I watch Tucker and Hannity every night. They are getting the scoops. 

BLACKMAIL videos, this guy videoed everybody! He wasn’t stupid. 

Jake tapper and Kirsten Gillibrand tweeted out Evergreen! 

Thank you anon, research for yourself people😎😘🌸

Daily Mail- More women come forward in the Epstein case. caution it’s sensitive to read.

Daily Mail- More women come forward in the Epstein case. caution it’s sensitive to read.

The article is graphic and detailed.  Justice for the victims! We are coming for all co-conspirators, don’t rest easy!!  If you are a victim come forward and tell your story to law enforcement or a lawyer.  We will speak out for the justice you deserve. 

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