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Harvey Weinstein once masturbated in front of a waitress at an exclusive, members-only hotspot in Manhattan — and then later “raped” her, she told jurors at his sex assault trial Wednesday.

Tarale Wulff said she had just brought the then-powerful Hollywood kingpin a drink and exchanged numbers with him when he suddenly whisked her away to an isolated area at Cipriani Upstairs in Soho in 2005.

“He had asked what I did and I said I was an actor. He said that you have a great look, you should come talk to my people,” Wulff recalled for jurors in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Weinstein didn’t speak as he continued to lead her to an unused terrace area near an ice machine at the club, Wulff said. She said she thought he was taking her to discuss “what he said inside the lounge.”

How could anybody want to become an actor with this kind of behavior? Everyone knew it and Weinstein isn’t the only one doing this.

All of Hollywood is meat to be used and beaten down.  The Abused becomes the abusers.

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Alleged Pedo Randy Andy goes to Bangkok!

Why in the hell is this man still allowed to travel and all places Bangkok!  Thailand is the pedo capital of child lovers all over the world.  BRF doesn’t give a crap what you think! They are going to keep the douche bag and the yachter no matter how hard you protest against them.  There is going to come a time to vote them out and it’s looking that way as the BRF continues down this path.  If you read Kitty links, Prince Charles is all in on the New world order. 

Are You Joking?

Anonymous said:

I have to say with all the leaks coming out about Meghan, one thing for sure – Meghan and Harry’s divorce will be very entertaining because this one won’t go quietly away. I hope he’s ready for tell-all books, interviews, race cards, etc. She will play the victim and Harry and the rest of the BRF will be the evil ones.


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