James Fowler tweets: California CPS child molestation crisis shakes foundation of power

I will gladly take this case on, as a former foster mother to two sexual abused sisters, I can reveal that the more you advocate for your kids, the more resistance you get. The squeaky wheel doesn’t get the oil.



My caseworker went out of her way to shut a psychiatrist down with an Asperger’s diagnoses, or they would refuse to pay her and stop using their office.


I had the school test her, and I had to fight for that. The child in question had an IQ of  I believe it was 69. She dissociates, suffers from PTSD, Bi-polar, ADD after being raped by her father, and forced to carry a child to term when she was 14 years old. Her brother had raped her at age ten for a gang initiation. She was also molested by one of her mother’s friends when the mother was being investigated as people saw the kids eating out of garbage cans.


My caseworker was such a bitch to me, and she claimed she was coming to inspect and never showed up. She always wanted the bio mom to take the kids back even though she never showed up for visitations at my home and was standing by her man who molested the younger child.


These are the kids we will fight for, let’s make sure we search these vile acts out and make them known. I feel this is the only way to bring attention to these poor kids.  send in anons with article links.


We will be diving into why a person molests and why does it run in families?