Know your Place!!!

In the submission by Jules, Harry and Megan pull apart from the Real Royals W and K, and proceed to walk ahead of them during the ceremony as Will speaks to the clergy. Harry has the most juvenile look on his face as he and Megan walked ahead.

The look that passes between Harry and Megan reminds me of when you (M) see someone you know (Harry) cheating on an exam and you smile at the person (Harry).

Sometimes, like here, the person (Harry) smiles back as if to say, “look what I am going to do, watch me get away with this. The smile becomes a shared smirk, with both giving their imprimatur to this behavior. This to say “Aren’t we clever, we pulled one over on you”. Harry wants to look cool and smart to Megan. He knows what the protocol is, he disregards it.

Everyone in the BRF knows what everyone else is supposed to do, that is why they operate so smoothly. You are supposed to be able to count on other family members to do what they are trained to do. He pulled a fast one in a Church, in front of a Bishop, and to the Future King and Queen during a solemn ceremony, Megan and Harry walk ahead of his brother, the future King.

That is what the two of you think is clever, hip, smart, and cool. You got over on your brother by getting ahead of the future King and Queen. How long have you been waiting to show that act off Harry, since second grade?

I can not wait for you two bottom feeders to get to work those kinds of acts in Hollywood. They would eat you alive if you ever pulled a stunt like that. Haven’t you noticed they kind of already know? The pandemic is not the reason you have not been invited anyplace, it is because they already know you are “bottom feeders”.

Did you really think your invitation to the Oscars and the Baftas, Oprah’s Major Fund Raiser, and the Met Gala (pre cancellation) really got lost?

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The Earl and Countess of Dumbasses, reap what they sow. Harry should have never believed her that she was a star. Darling you have been blacklisted long ago.  They can’t get work in Hollywood, they are done! The way they left the Royals did themselves in. Plus, sources said she blackmailed a CEO before she moved to England.  Hollywood doesn’t forget her social climbing.

Even, her PR Sunshine Sachs does the PR for award shows but they never got an invite, Interesting.

I’ve been told that people at Sunshine Sachs can’t stand MM. MeAgain doesn’t listen to them, she goes off because she believes that she knows better since she has a degree in communication.  More like she communicates better on her back. This is the reason why Megatrons campaigns flop! Meghan Markle isn’t a nice person, she’s a shark, she has to keep moving and pushing PR out there.

Meghan is a malignant narcissist with the delusion of grandeur. Her infantile attitude is hatred, she is angry she couldn’t be queen. Figure that one.  She holds Harry Hostage, he goes willingly as the BRF mourn the loss of their bright star. Meg will continue until Harry is a shell of his former self, look at him now, he is emaciated.  That’s how I know the end is near, she will turn on him and claim victim.

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People Magazine and blind items revealed

People Magazine and blind items revealed

Thank you culinary1604, I added some blind items revealed from the best scooper on earth, Enty!


Blind Items Revealed #3

March 27, 2019

The alliterate former actress turned royal is isolating her husband from anyone…

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