The Prince Philip Accident

The Prince Philip Accident

Hi JD. About the accident with PP. The accident area is known and is an accident black spot. I lived in this area and knew it well. The RF is always seen around and about, both driving and walking, it’s where they live, so I expect they have lots to do during the course of their day.

The RF is definitely suffering from fall out from MM ( and PH ) her bad behaviour and profligate spending. It has…

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Where Are You Going To?

Where Are You Going To?

JD, where is PP going to? Two days in a row, apparently heading quickly towards Sandringham in his armored LR? Doesn’t he have Walgreen’s pharmacy delivery and a chef at KP? What’s so urgent that he rides rapidly and solo and not buckled in? Let’s leave the accident out of this, it’s apparently “hushed” and has varied locations cited.

I really don’t know any of that other…

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