Sunflower submits: I was invited to the white house

I thought this would make you laugh and feel great that Trump is protecting bloggers, YT channel videos, etc.


Trump recognized them!  Congratulations!

The MSM are the real trolls!

Let’s continue to Keep America Great!

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To Acosta

Thank you sunflower and @realDonaldTrump 🌸😎💋💋💋💋💋


The difference between Trump and the Clintons

Trump knew A LOT about Epstein and what he did to underage girls. In 2009 he cooperated with authorities and told them many things he knew.

The video is out there. Everyone can watch it. On the other hand, yesterday, Bill Clinton stated that he knew nothing about Epstein’s “horrible crimes.” Oh really? He flew on his private jet 24 or 26 times and heard nothing about Epstein’s dirty life? Anyone with a right mind will call it BS.


Let’s remember who President and VP were in 2009? Obama/ Biden. Who was the Secretary of State back then? Hillary Clinton. Who was the Speaker of the House? Nancy Pelosi. Who is in charge of the FBI? Bob Mueller.

Here were go … Acosta made a poor decision? Right. But there were a lot more important people who were involved in this case. Acosta will testify and bring those people down.


President Trump hinting again, they will be investigated; he has all his ducks in a row.  God sped Mr. P!  July is going to be a rough ride for Dems! FISA coming this month, be woke now, lol


Thank you anon, keep ’em coming! 🌸😎💋



Listen what Trump is saying about the Epstein investigation and Acosta.

There is no doubt that the investigation will continue. Acosta made a bad decision? Looks like it. It was just Acosta who made a bad decision? NO.

Trump is simply saying there were many people who were involved in the investigation and decision making and implying that their hands were tied back then. Who were President, VP, and Secretary of State in 2009? Pelosi wants Acosta to resign, but he won’t. He will cooperate with the investigation. He knows a lot and will take down many “their faves” /politicians and HWood celebrities/.


This is good for the economy and clarifies Acosta for everyone. We have to wait for the investigation to come to a conclusion.

Thank you anon, for sending this in for all to see, 🌸😎💋

Sean Hannity wham bam to the Moon Jimmy Acosta

“As I said to little Fake News Jimmy Acosta, you have not earned time on the number one show in all of cable news.  You can tell all your reps to stop begging my staff, the answer is no,” said Hannity. “Unlike you, I don’t peddle lies on the lowest rated cable network in America. Nor will I promote your lies on 618 of the best talk radio stations in America. Nor has anyone ever provided me scripts or talking points (another Acosta lie).”

If you look around the Main Stream News the talking points are all the same, hmmm I wonder who’s PR agency is feeding the scripts and how much are they getting paid for this?

I know the deal folks,  social media is inundated with PR trolls called LARP, live-action role players.  They follow a script and have multiple accounts with similar content.  The PR agency for Hillary R Clinton is Ken Sunshine, same agency MM had.

This situation is a struggle for Fox news albeit number one, against network and fake cable news such as MSNBC and CNN.  They are trying to get the truth out to the American, We the people.

Everything the MSM accuses President Trump of is something the Obama/Biden and Hillary Clinton already did! It’s the dog and pony show!