Is Jail the price you pay, or your friends pay, just to get even?

Imagine for a moment, if there were five friends and you are/were one of the five friends who spoke to People magazine. You used proprietary information that you were given by your “friend” Malibu Markle, (never really known as a truth-teller) for your part in the People mag story.

You casually mention to Malibu Markle that a lawyer friend says they could go to jail for perjuring themselves if they lie about what you told them. I can hear it now… Malibu Markle says, ” that is not what I said if that is what you heard, I could not help that, but I never said that,” blah, blah.

What do you do, insist? She won’t back down. You discuss it with the other four contributors, you all agree that is what was said. Truth told at deposition, no jail time. However, if only one person contributed, say Jessica Mulrooney and she lies…well, she is in for jail time for perjury, and that is the end of her (and her family) because Markle will not back her, she will hang her out to dry.

If only one other person, our little liar Malibu Markle was the only contributor, I say she will bail on the suit. She will drop the case, insisting that the UK bias is so great against her, she will never prevail. No point in going on, blah blah blah. All costs are on her!

I can only hope this is pursued by the Mail. MM has libeled her Father and will slander her friends. If she lies in the deposition, clearly Malibu Markle will go to jail for perjury. She will spend years fighting the charge and will say the Harkles can never return to Britain as she will be arrested.

Divorce follows…they live apart most of the year like the Yorks, MM will never give up her “Royal status” she will remain “married” to that Title and physically hold on to Harry forever. However, this is the only way he can return to the family without her.

Extradition maybe. No luck. If People magazine is pursued in the US, lies will continue because she will mistakenly believe she will get more positive PR here. No, go…Guilty…jail time. Wish granted MM, you always wanted to live in California… slight change in address… it will be in Chino, not Malibu. End of story.

It’s all part of the plan, only that she thinks she’s coming out on top. I used to say it will end in tears, and there will be no winners as you said, she is going to around forever.

Thank you anon, 🥰