Tucker Carlson – Professor objects to no white people on campus??? You have to see this to believe this

Wow, no wonder I jumped into this mess, what in the hell is going on? Where is my freedom of speech and expression? I agree with Dr. Weinstein, and it’s mind-blowing how out of control this has become.


Please, go to my kitty links in categories she is a fantastic researcher with valuable information about groupthink, the extreme left wokeness.


Antifa makes zero sense, and it’s tribalism, and administrators brainwash them. Kitty has provided information on that issue.



There are tips from Qanon that said that George Soros is paying for this out of his pocket.  It breaks my heart that this is happening on college campuses all over our country.


College and universities are places where ideas are shared and argued to make better conclusions.  My God man, these people were accepted at these places of higher learning to make better leaders. Administrators are making anarchist. Parents must be thrilled with spending herds of money to turn their kids into backward vigilantes. It reminds me of the Symbionese Liberation Army! Do they all have Stockholm syndrome?


This situation is so crazy that the hatred of Trump is from the loser Hillary Clinton and her relative George Soros. That’s sick ! Where did my democrat center party go?  They are literally pushing people to the center and into the right!  Hillary keeps tweeting along, giving the narrative to the MSM.


Drain the Swamp Mr. P its bloody mess.