They just had a glowing article in the daily mail (Charlotte Wace) on how things have turned around for the! FFS, they are so dim. Also, please read the article I’ve just mentioned, Wace talks about Meg using her public role to promote her friends private businesses. But she just throws it in the article as a by-the-way and I’m going, huh???? As far as I know the press haven’t actually called Meg out on this so why is Wace writing like it’s something already discussed and dismissed? 🤯


This one?

This was my favorite part:


Charlotte Wace is friendly to MeGain. I forget the connection and my Doxer. Wace has intruded on many of Brit’s privacy in articles before doing the Royal beat. 

Not much thought to ride the new wave of popularity, What Harry’s pathetic tears? Grow up your brother is okay, get over it!