Diana would have knocked sense into her boys after their break-up

Amanda is a great writer, and she is spot on! Diana would have knocked some real heads together. As far as America is concerned, I doubt that highly even though Meghan’s hatred for Kate is evident to me.

HM, the Queen is not going to support them with a 10 million dollar house in LA we’ve heard about in the blinds. I think that’s all Meghan wanting to get away for being found out for leaking to the press.

Meghan is not the safari girl; she is the lady that lunches.

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Anon said: What I think about Harry and Meghan

I have taken my rose colored glasses off as concerns Harry. I think what went down is Harry and Meghan went and got a surrogate implanted. Then sprung it on the family. That is the nervous looking Harry at Eugenie’s wedding. He knew it was wrong but did it anyway.

That is why Will wants nothing to do with him. That is why the foundation is being split they know Harry and Meghan cannot be trusted, and so they protect W and K from the shenanigans these two will get into.

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So H and M botched the surrogacy cover up cause they are both idiots (alcohol and drugs never made anyone intelligent). So now suspicion abounds. The family is not actively covering up generally, but they go along cause Harry and threats. Meghan and threats. They are sitting on a powder keg with these two but have another gin and tonic.

H and M get sent away to the unfortunate CW where they will continue to screw up. But hey Andy screwed up for years too. Eventually, Megsy will bail Harry will end up bitter resentful and drunk blaming everyone but himself for screwing up his life. The RF always knew Harry was a mess and always knew he’d screw up. Probably hoped for better though. Hope isn’t enough.

I read an astrologers prediction some yrs ago about Harry that he would have several wives. Yep. Sounds true. He probably just wants what Will has but lacks the intelligence and character to do it right, so he marries some aging balding psycho who crawled out of the LA celeb sewer. And then has to fake a pregnancy with said dimwitted z lister to get the kid. It is pathetic. But hey have another gin and tonic and screw your family while you are at it.

We were wrong,  JD he never was a nice guy he always was what NYC said he was.

I know sweetie, but as you may know, we all shared our private thoughts on DM.  NYC was right, and I will never discount why she was here, to begin with. Yes, I believe it was a crisis mode that Prince Charles was trying to rescue him from back in November 2016.

NYC was there to do what PR’s do cover the ass of the client, the truth was Harry was having an affair with a woman who was in a civil living arrangement with celebrity Chef Corey, and she came with less than stellar reputation.

As you also know, we dug up the pieces of dirt we could find, and they went behind us moving and covering it up. The only thing was NYC was keeping us away from the blind items.  I was a newbie, a greenhorn, so I was an easy mark to play with.  In a way, I’m glad we didn’t go there because after NYC left, we got to see all the nasty stuff about the yachting, mostly on land as Enty said she wasn’t that successful at it.  MM had her land yachting with Englishman that wanted to pay, and it was a regular gig to come to London.

We all learned what a sewer Soho House can be with starlets, and that included Harry, it was the perfect storm. Harry was an easy mark because as he got drunk, he started spilling his guts to Markus Anderson.

We knew he wasn’t the guy we admired from afar, but still, we thought the charities he was involved with made him savable. I still support him.  Invictus Games better be about the injured vets this year! Walking with the wounded is my favorite charity. I was looking forward to him doing the walk in the US, does anyone know what happened there? Let do a quick check.



Oh, I was led to believe he was going with them.

Remember, Wink said with the right PR strategy Harry will be okay, I believe this is happening now, he is toeing the line.  They’re about to embark to Africa this summer. That should be interesting since she was leaking about LA, anon said no way! I kind of believe that message.

We did hear rumors that he was smashed in Italy after playing polo. I doubt any of that will change soon. St. Meghan loves parting just as much as Harry! We all thought that was the attraction, to begin with.

I will say this if Harry gets caught cheating that will be the Achilles heel for Meghan, she demands loyalty, but who doesn’t? The more the bloggers push the Anti MM narrative and continue to believe the LARP, Harry will hold on tighter. That is why I chilled. It’s not worth it. I’d instead give up popularity than to continue on with the insanity.

We all do have to remember Prince Harry is not going to listen to any of us.

Harry needs to cut the dead weight of celeb hangers-on, Markus, Izzy, and Jess Mulroney, dump Daniel Martin he leaks. We all know Harry used to get rid of people just for mentioning his name.

He once said he would love to have a child if he was lucky enough.  Now he has one, and I bet he is going to protect that little soul like you couldn’t comprehend. From the pictures, we saw he is amazed by Archie no matter how he got the little tike.


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Anonymous said: Lolly at what we are getting this week

Lolly at what we are getting this week in Phoenix tv, a royal baby special. Lol, channel 15, Sonoran living.
Let’s look at some links, and this should be fun.

Reportedly, means they don’t know, and paps are camped, there would be pics and who cares if she is Oprah friend

Even though the palace came out with its speculation

For weeks, the British media has been filled with mostly-unfounded rumors and “tips” by anonymous sources about the manner in which Prince Harry’s wife is experiencing the final moments of her pregnancy:

  • That she is capricious and extremely demanding with her staff
  • That she has decided to have the baby at home
  • That she is breaking all the royal rules concerning the birth of royal babies.

It has become a challenge to sort out the truth from the fake.

Okay, Pierce is still going strong on Social Climber Meg, we approve! lol

Talking of open letter that’s smart and snarky about pregnancy, it really sucks after you give birth, but this is the Royal photo call that the people want and like.

Suck it, princess, you signed up for the job and since when is Meghan Markle camera shy?  Something is wrong, and as the world can see, they are using a surrogate.  Knock the shit off and grow up, praise the mother who carried the sprout being the ridiculously strong feminist yachter that you are. 🙄

Today the due date, poop the child out already, we are aging over here for goodness sake.

Nothing else to write about

Didn’t we see Zara heavily pregnant to greet HM? Go to the wedding of the Frogmore’s? It’s church and HM birthday! 

You get the picture, lots of speculation and no baby, no Doria. Hey! We did get a blind item that a palace employee is shopping for a house in LA with a 10million dollar range. That one I believe, and it won’t be for Harry.  

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Anonymous said:Yikes, why would they want to martyr Meghan and Harry by exiling them?

Yikes, why would they want to martyr Meghan and Harry by exiling them? The optics are such that William (and by extension, Kate) look petty and small. This isn’t coming off as a power move at all.
It’s speculation, and the Express article does make William and Kate out to be the bad guys once again.  Don’t give it any attention, when I came home last night and saw that, UGH!  I’ve said there is something brewing it would be around the time that something like this reared its head.
We have to wait because the shit show changes all the time. How else was MM going to get any press while on maternity leave?  She likes to shock people.
The blind is much more interesting then Harry and MM move to Africa.  Maybe MM will move to LA and Harry will stay safely in the UK where he belongs. I would expect him to go to Africa where he loves to do his job with Sentebale and work on Elephant relocation.  Not for years, no way.
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Express~ MM and Harry to leave the UK for “overshadowing”

Sir David Manning, the former British ambassador to the US and Lord Geidt, the Queen’s former private secretary, are said to have drawn up the plans.

Highly unlikely but you never know.  What I don’t like is blaming everything on Kate and William.

The baby is due tomorrow, we shall see what happens, it’s all rather shady that full-time Royals are not going to share with the taxpayers this ultimate PR moment and it’s unlike Media Meg to shy away from any camera on earth. 




Anon said : We won! They are shipping Harry and Meg off to Africa

Are you serious Anon?  Reportedly, means they are speculating.

With Meghan Markle due to give birth any day, a new report says the British royal family is scrambling to try to contain her popularity amid worries she could become “bigger than [Princess] Diana.” 

Okay, nobody is going to be bigger than Diana!

“There have been various ideas floated for them to take on a job abroad, such as governor-general of Australia or Canada, wherever,” a palace source told The Sunday Times of London.

Oh, wait for a second!  Hold on,

“The trouble is that you effectively set them up as king and queen of a whole separate country,” according to one source.

Okay, what a joke, what country are they taking over? 

“In some ways it would suit William to get his brother out of the country for a few years and Meghan as far away as possible,” said one friend of the brothers.

But going off is not necessarily what Harry and Meghan want.

Okay they are speculating 

“Meghan and Harry feel they have been cut adrift,” one ally said.

“They sent them down to Frogmore to try to keep them out of the limelight for a bit. This is doomed to fail. They are worried that Harry and Meghan are going to establish a totally separate enterprise that nobody can get under control.

LOL, what their own charity? 

I got to say I take this with a grain of salt

Sir David Manning, the former British ambassador to the U.S. and Lord Geidt, the Queen’s former private secretary, have reportedly drawn up the plans.

Although this is unlikely to be decided until next year, The Sunday Times report the role is likely to be in Africa because of the couple’s ties there.

Okay, no way will Meghan Markle leave the spotlight. End of! 

Being trolled hard!  if true, oh well.  It’s hard to believe anything they say any more.  We are bored and we been treated terribly.  If this is the end after everything I’ve posted, see you later gator.  Times up.

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So according to The Times London Harry and Megsy are being sent to a not yet decided African country with a note yet decided job but something charityish. So exile. And they say for 2-3 yrs. So until she leaves and the scandal dies down. He’ll be bald and 38 yrs old totally irrelevant when they let him back.

well, i say don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Maybe if that happens we can all move on from this shit. it has gotten to be too much.