Non-Glamourous Trip for Prince Harry

Non-Glamourous Trip for Prince Harry

Anonymous said:
It sounds like Harry is being sent alone to do non-glamorous work trips. This is punishment for him and Meghan (no publicity for her), and it is an attempt for Harry to save face as a serious senior royal. They are trying to salvage his pr again.
That’s Royalty, it won’t always be glamorous, that’s what Harry was looking for in a wife…

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Paul Harkness on Price William in Africa

KP anon said

Anonymous said:

If Megan says she cares about the world why doesn’t she go with hairy to Africa and help him ??

Hey! Are you the KP anon? You never came back and dropped scoops?   You have a valid question that I can’t answer. The first time, okay, but this his 3rd time you have to throw a red flag. I’ll guess, you can’t wear high heels on safari. 

Thank you anon 🌺😎

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