Meghan’s Minions




For Meghan’s MINIONS! Go check the UN Women website and please find her name, if you can’t, like you won’t, shut up! Second she worked at the us embassy as an intern doing paperwork, NOT EVER AS A DIPLOMAT, not even those that do the interview for you to get a visa. No, she wasn’t an advisor nor someone important, those take EXAMS for it! So, its the classical case of her, Meghan, overhyping herself and people reading or listening and praising her like she was a savior! The woman was an employee and just that.

The article from people claiming that she is being carefully with what she publishes on her blog and on her Instagram is ridiculous. They made it up just because she didn’t publish other pic or because she doesn’t want to be ripped in pieces again or because she didn’t have time. They are filming since Friday. Besides, the woman can’t make her family shut up and she is negotiating more roles.

Now, go check on the sources website who she is before point fingers at people that actually did research at UN women website and government. Too much cheap talk about a person that was irrelevant until 15 days ago. “OMG but she appeared on Larry King”, yes she did, do you know where Larry King is working now? He left CNN a long time ago! So, its not a big deal!

Harry claims to hate the spotlight, but, he certainly is his mothers son. Its a shame! The press is cooking something and it will hit hard!

Her minions are basically black girls/afroamericans/africans living a fairy tale through the internet! 


Excuse me 😠😠😠😠???!!!!! Count me out!! Im Black and i do NOT take to that girl with a 10 ft pole!!! She to me spells trouble and hyper Diva! And in my opinion Harry wouldn’t have the guts nor Cojones to ever date a real BLACK WOMAN! So don’t tar me under that brush anon!


You go Nelly, Afro americans wtf, sure just a typo, but I love a beautiful Afro hair style, (Alisha Keys. soft cuddly chocolate lamb). It’s not about race, thought we had cleared that up.