Prince Harry will Rue the Day he met Markle

Prince Harry will Rue the Day he met Markle

Anonymous said:
PH will rue the day he met her. He’s still on her side, but when she has had really enough of him, and the whole divorce thing starts, he will realize what a mistake he’s made with her. I even think she already has plans for after divorce – being a major star in the US, she now has new friends like Oprah who will help her with that.
I’m sure MM already got the divorce plans…

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✨✨The Divorce will be Joyous! ✨✨

✨✨The Divorce will be Joyous! ✨✨

Anonymous said:

Meghan is so fake and annoying. The only good thing what this marriage brings is the divorce because it will be a very entertaining one. She will make Harry regret marrying her and go back to America and start the Meghan Markle Show with books, interviews, maybe go into politics, etc.


The press will have a parting gift for her! 
The title…

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