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I am triumphant but I want to know the truth

I am triumphant but I want to know the truth

To that anon. For two and a half years CNN, MSNBC, NYT, Washington Post, and Democrats told us that Trump was a Russian spy. He worked for the Russian gov. Now it turned out that reportedly the Mueller team knew it in 2017 or earlier that Trump never colluded with any foreign government.

Then why did Mueller not inform the public about this as soon as he knew all those accusations were false? AG…

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Mueller passed the bucket.

Mueller passed the bucket.

It’s clear that Mueller passed the bucket. The Trump-is-a Russian-spy narrative fell apart. He stated it clearly that there was no collusion. He has no intention to testify even if many Reps want him to. He knows if he does testify, there is no way for him to avoid tough questions on the opening of the investigation.

The reason Durham got appointed is delivering all those answers. Mueller left…

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