Ko~ Part two ~ Wink ~ No milk for free

Ko~ Part two ~ Wink ~ No milk for free


Anonymous said:
Hi JD, How are you? Thanks for your patient and frank responses that are clearing some mists. There is one thing that has always puzzled me. Wink and her posts. Why did she keep insisting there will be no wedding, when several of us anons, and even other bloggers, could see the writing on the wall by May beginning. In retrospect, how could anyone claim and believe…

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Sixty four Million Dollar Question

Sixty four Million Dollar Question

Why did H marry MM???? Sounds like he was not sure and rocky from day one She’s a stalker did he not see that?

It’s an excellent question, from what was told to me there were lawyers up to at least three days trying to avert this. MM was offered a generous amount of money and a house as long as it was anywhere in the world but the UK. MM was trying for breach of contract, and her lawyers said…

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