Unlikeable Meghan Anon

Anonymous said:

Every time when there is a new Meghan Markle article, I try to to live her/give her another chance but it’s just not working. She’s so unlikeable, it’s annoying.

Haha! Love this! She really is awful isn’t she!? Imagine being married to her!

Thank you Anon! That cracked me up!
Breezycooke 🤠💨🤠💨
Unlikeable Meghan Anon

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God help the BRF

whoa somebody having a bad day – DM articles knocking the Wessexes, bring up Prince Phillip’s family past and the scandals of the younger Spencers plus now we get a Kate no longer helping MM cause Kate is jealous of all the attention article from In Touch


WTF?  So is this her aggressive new pr?  Take the RF down?  Stupid cow – she has no platform without this family – NO one cares about her.   A worrying trend here JD.  CKOB 

Yes, ckob, I’m very worried now, I do hope the Royals have some sort of plan now, ASAP. This very disturbing. How in the hell is Markle going to be at that engagement? The doe-eyed loved up actress? Poor innocent MM? The woman is mean as hell! 

Thank you very much for your input